Tap tempo into MC8 w/ a Boss FS5U?

Can I set up a Boss FS5U to tap tempo into an MC8? I’d prefer not to burn a switch for tap on the unit.

Yes that will work ( do note to use a TRS cable ). But to control tap tempo, you’ll need to program the omniport to “AuxSw”, which allows you to control one (or up to 3 depending on what aux switch you use) preset with an aux switch. Then you can program that preset like a regular preset to send PC/CC messages or any other function.

EDIT: I’m not sure how the FS5U is wired. The aux switch needs to be momentary and normally open. Has anyone successfully used the Boss FS5U?

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Came across this post, so thought better to add to it rather than starting a new one. An afternoon (and another day) of multiple wrong steps led to the following conclusions. The “polarity” switch on the back of the FS5U is open when away from jack (closed is toward jack). Boss explains this on…Oh, wait, they never explain it anywhere!

This has been a lot of trial and error (I think I used a stereo to two stereo cable at first b/c mine look exactly the same). I was able to use two TS cables into a stereo splitter (i.e., RS, TS).

I like the Boss switches because they are big for changes (looping, Ableton scenes, etc.).

@james Do you think it would work to make up a simple breakout box (without switches) with your schematic with the two 1N4148s to add a third switch using another FS5U?

@james Indeed a breakout box following your wiring diagram adds three Aux Switches using three FS5U for nice large foot stomps. QRS here I come! I also order two AMERICAN LOOPERS 3-switches, so lots of stomps.

Nice work!! Cool project there….

Which box is this? How can I order one?
I’d love to use this setup with 3 FS5U rather than a ‘hard to use’ switch like this

Well size is also an issue. I had the materials, so it was worth trying, but I’ve now made a 6 switch box into 1 & 2 on an MC8. If you can solder at all (drill, etc.), you can make a switch or breakout box easily based on James’ diagram. Let me know if you, need more specific input.

I’d like something just like this:
Without having to build anything.

Or maybe I could if there was a nice youtube video or something.

Oh and thinks for the quick reply

OK, I will see if I can get some time together to put up a YouTube video on how to build it. It was on my list anyway.

:+1: Thanks. Looking forward to it. I’ve found that the FS5Us are a quite never miss option.

Here you go:


Hi there, sorry to be late to the party! I’m trying to use the MXR Tap switch for this function but no luck. Any ideas how I should set it up to control tap tempo for TimeLine, Microcosm and Synethesia at the same time? Or any one of those would be a start. Thanks in advance!