Tap Tempo Aux Switch

I am trying to set up a single Aux Switch to control Tap Tempo functions through an MC6Pro.

On my Home Page I have Tap Tempo set up on preset X.

When I use the button page for preset X I can change the tempo on all my pedals.

I have my Aux Switch set up on Expression Port 1 as a Fixed Custom Switch.

How do I assign the switch to preset X?

Under the Fixed Switch Custom option, you can assign a switch to engage Preset X

@james I appreciate you helping with this. I now very clearly see that is how it was done. Now that I am set up with this it is still not changing the tempo.

What kind of switch are you using? It has to be momentary and normally open.

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might be that the MC is still connected to the editor so the midi clock function isn’t triggering. Have you tried disconnecting?

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@james It’s exactly because I was connected to the editor. I’m using an Eventide Barn 3 Tap Tempo Switch. Thanks for your infinite insight.

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