Tall Order Request -- save/recall Omniport settings in banks

I’m building a small MIDI “brain board” to communicate with other different pedal board arrangements. On the MIDI controller board, I have a MC6 Pro. This has TRS aux footswitches on port 1 and 3, and then i’ve made little custom TRS “input switchers” that are on ports 2 and 4.

These input switchers have TRS aux footswitches, expression-ramping pedals, and treadle expression pedals that I can swap betwixt via manual toggles to send the desired control signal to MC6P ports 2 and 4. This all works nicely, however I’ve run into the limitation of the MC6P Omniport settings being globally configured. I have to change the global Omniport configuration if I want to change ports 2 and/or 4 from TRS aux to expression, etc…

What I’m asking for is in maybe some future update to allow (the option of) storing the Omniport settings to banks, and these being recalled when switching banks. This would ideally also include details like the expression calibration or TRS aux switch assignments at the time of saving the Omniport settings to the bank. So, bank 1 could have Omniports 2 and 4 set to receive TRS aux switches that trigger presets, and bank 2 could have Omniports 2 and 4 set to receive (pre-calibrated) expression pedals, then bank 3 could have Omniport 2 set as aux switch and Omniport 4 set as expression, etc… If a bank doesn’t have Omniport settings deliberately saved, that bank wouldn’t change the currently-set Omniport configuration when loaded up, only banks with saved Omniport configs would “override” and load in Omniport settings.

It’s clear that this would require a core architecture change in the firmware, so I’ve got my hopes set accordingly on the likelihood of this being a possibility. Maybe it’s not so impossible, though?