T1m e3d as AUX switch?

Hi team,
Is anyone using the t1m e3d as an AUX switch with their Morningstar controller?
I have the Eventide version, and have updated the Omniport to use the t1m as an AUX switch with the controller software, but it is not picking it up at all? When it was in ‘expression’ setting it was picking up the t1m (ie wet from 0% to 59% when a button was pushed). I have plugged in a TRS cable into the TRS input for the t1m into expression port 1 of MC6.
I ideally would like to use the 1st and 3rd switch to scroll up/down through banks and presets, with the middle switch can be used as an expression for a patch ie flex the whammy setting for the H9.
Is the above possible? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Welcome @Mordecai, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Omniport Configuration in Controller Settings?

Thanks for the response @Quasar. Please see attached…

Ok that looks good. So depending on what jack you use, you’ll have access to Presets G-I or J-L. Have you programmed your bank jump and other messages into those presets yet?

I just found this and it is almost exactly like what I want to do.
@Mordecai did you get yours sorted?