SysEx Librarian Firmware update

Anyone here successfully used a Morningstar controller to update the firmware on a timeline or BigSky running old firmware? The Nixie update failed, so apparently I need to send my Timeline a hex file using SysEx librarian. The problem I’m having is that my only available midi ports on SysEx (or nixie, or the morningstar editor in fact) are the 4 EXP ports on my MC8, why can I not select the midi output to send the file? I’ve ordered a DIN to TRS cable so I have connected the Timeline to one of the MC8’s EXP ports, but it still hasn’t worked. I have turned Cross MIDI Thru on and MIDI thru off. Other forum posts say to turn MIDI Merge on, on the Timeline, but I have no option for that, my firmware must predate that option?
I’m sure I’m tried loads of options, configuring the omniports as different MIDI outs etc.
Can anyone help, or do I just need to buy a Roland Midi Interface?

No need for the DIN to TRS cable - the 4 ports that you see are the 4 virtual USB ports, not the Omniports. The Omniports do not transmit SysEx messages out.

Just select Port 1 and turn on Cross MIDI Thru. If you are using v3.10.1, please update to v3.10.2 as there was a bug related to this functionality.

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Thank you! I went back to basics and just plugged din cables to and from the timeline last night and it worked! Thanks for explaining the ports :+1: