SysEx for Dummies, Roland GP8 and MC8

So I just realized that I can finally control the On/Off status of all the effects on my old Roland GP8 effects with the Morningstar MC8. The thing is that I have never used SysEx messages before and I’m having trouble figuring out how to make it work.
I want each of the 8 switches of the MC8 to control an specific effect, so how do I configure this? I’ve attached the SysEx data from the gp8 manual.

Thanks guys!

It’s a bit tricky but the video in the link should get you started. He uses a Roland pedal (can’t remember which) as example. I have a Roland GR55 myself but so far I’ve only used the “Assign” capabilities of this pedal to control it via my MS-6 MKii since I have not been able to find the SysEx info for it.