Switching intermittent in toggle mode & various messaging glitches

Morning. Had my MC8 just over a year but rarely used it, so decided to set it up for future use this week. However, I’m experiencing a lot of intermittent switching issues in toggle mode, sometimes it doesn’t react/toggle the message at all… I’ve also had issues with a three way switch via Aux/Omni, the page change function can be intermittent too. And finally when I go from one expression pedal across to another the next one seems glitchy!! I’m just wondering wether the unit is defective and as always been the case? :weary: I’ve tried different TRS leads and midi cables, so it’s not that… Any ideas please?

Hi! You’re describing a lot of issues that have been listed as bugs I think…. What firmware are you running at present? I would backup and the. upgrade to 3.9.5

Do read the fw changelog carefully though…. Some refactoring and things to be aware of if moving from 3.8.x to 3.9.x

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m running 3.9.5 updated last night, but it’s been going on before then too

Do you think it’s worth backing up my Banks and settings, then doing a factory reboot/reset of some kind?

Well to be honest if you’re happy to enter your settings and banks and presets from scratch then yeah I’d factory reset and start again if you can. That’ll rule out any bad data issues possibly caused by firmware update.

Once you’ve done that set up your midi device numbering, global settings, omniports, scroll counters etc - all the “affects the whole unit” settings. You might also want to add anything you use a lot into User Library too eg I’ve stored the “bypass pedal” CCs for my three devices. Then backup and name the file so you know it’s a “clean slate”, and keep it on file just in case. User Lib is saved separately- worth backing that up if you’ve got a lot of stuff in there

Then I’d try getting one bank working as you want with bank, preset and Exp messages. You can use midi dictionary and/or user library to quickly import eg CC, PC etc per message.

Backup again for good measure.

Then you can paste that good bank into other banks and just update eg PC, CC numbers, preset labels and bank names. Saves too much clicking!

Thanks, done a reboot, still get glitches from toggle mode now and again, bounces back to the same preset, or stays on the same preset… I’ll email HQ, think there’s something wrong with this unit! :weary:

Post a screenshot of all the messages in one of your misbehaving presets - let’s have a look and see what’s what…. I’m also going thru my controller today and giving it a spring clean so happy to have a look!

In case it helps, here’s some of my stuff.

Bank settings:

Red arrow - I set toggle per message so I leave this unchecked.
msgs 1-3 bypass my pedals when i exit the bank, and msg4 deselects any exp2 messages.

A preset in that bank:

Exp 2 msg 5 and msg 6 as used in this preset:

When I first press this preset, the sound engages and any other active preset in the bank is deactivated and stops flashing (all presets in this bank have the same msg2 i.e. disengage toggle for all presets, because all sounds in this bank come from the same pedal so I only want ‘one at a time’ in this bank).

When I press this preset again, the pedal is bypassed, the text stops flashing and my exp messages are deselected ready for next preset to set them afresh.

Thanks mate, I’m out till later on, but I can send some pics later… I’m guessing I can upload some video from phone on here too?

When you toggle a preset you can see the name change noted for position 1 & 2 sticking, & the message to preset is reacting in the same way. It’s not every time, but not reliable or consistent ether!

Same goes for page change in each bank via Omni & a 3/way switch, sticks from time to time! Bank up and down works fine, just page change fails.

Very odd….

I would try copying a preset that is problematical to another preset - there’s a chance that you’ve got one or more defective physical switches in your MC8 I guess.

There were bugs with various omniports and/or aux switches in recent FWs but all fixed in 3.9.5

Your ext switch is the required type per the MC manual and connected using TRS cable I guess? You’ve configured whatever omniport it’s connected to as a flavour of “fixed switch”?

Evening, great idea, so i copied the same preset to two other switches and the glitch happened their too, inconsistent and random preset switching during toggle mode, position 1 to 2 and back/forth.

Re: page change, yes it’s TRS and set to fixed switch, moving banks up & down never an issue, just inconsistent with the page changing, like above randomly sticks in one position.

I’ve sent video to HQ and copies of the files, see what transpires from there I guess!

Thanks for all your help so far…

Ok. Vids and files to Morningstar is the optimum debugging route for sure!

So the toggle page function on your ext switch is iffy?

So out of interest…. Is your switch set to either Fixed Switch 1 or Fixed Switch 2 mode? Try using Fixed Switch Custom mode and manually assigning the functions per button. Can’t think that it would make a difference but you never know!

If you haven’t tried Custom mode it’s great… I use (top to bottom) Bank Jump Mode, Toggle Page, Tap Tempo.

I’ll try that custom setting, I’ve used fixed 1 or 2, can’t remember which.

Interestingly on your board you have the same 3 way switch that I’m using on mine… I have a spare one too, so I can always rule out the switch being an issue.

Hi mate, been in touch with James all week, looks like it may have been a software bug, hence why there was new update this week…

I’m hoping it’s all sorted now…:+1:

Thanks for all your help too.

Cool - yeah I saw that in the change log and meant to post here and ask if that was the cause. Excellent work in finding and helping to fix a bug by the way… it does take some effort to Puzzle over these things, try different stuff, post on a forum etc but it really does make the whole product better for all users, so kudos!

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