Switching Channels On My Amp Using The ML10X?

I’m building a W/D/W rig and I will use the dirty channel on my dry amp (Orange TH30) as my main distortion. But I also have a Victory V4 Kraken preamp pedal in its FX-loop and it has an additional 2 dirty channels and a bypass that switches between it and my amp. This gives me 3 different distortion/gain channels + the clean channel on the amp as well.

However, I will need to switch between all these channels using the ML10X somehow but there are no external control ports on the ML10X, right? So how do I do this? Do I need some other device with EXT CTL ports that is somehow connected to the ML10X in order to do this? Or am I missing something?

You could use the ML10X as an A/B signal switcher so output tip goes to amp input and output ring goes to the kraken. The switching of the ML10X would need to mute the output of each or there will be two signals sent. It’s worth mentioning the ML10X doesn’t have a ground lift to resolve any ground loops there may be as a result.

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You would need a relay like this:

Voodoo Lab would be an alternative if you are planning to use a midi controller other than morningstar mc6 or mc8.

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Ok, but it looks like the Relay Interface only can be used to switch channel on one amp, right? I need to be able to switch channel on both my amp (Orange TH30) and my preamp pedal (Victory V4 Kraken), as well as acivate/deactivate the bypass switch on the V4.

The bypass on the Kraken preamp allows switching between the Kraken and the Orange, giving me the option to switch between 3 different dirty channels and 1 clean. So, I basically need to be able to program one switch on the MC8 to switch from the V4 Kraken to the amp and simultaneously activate the dirty channel on the amp, as well as activate any other pedals in the loops of the ML10X. All on one switch. Is that possible with the ML10X, MC8 and the Relay Interface?

The Voodoo Lab has 4 ctl outs, I’d go with that in your case.

But the Voodoo Lab costs $170 while the Morningstar Relay Interface costs $39. So if I need to get two Morningstar Relay Interfaces to control both my amp and preamp pedal it will cost $78. That’s $92 cheaper than the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher.

True, but you might need some more in the future :wink:
Many fx pedals have an ctl input. That’s something to consider.

Doesn’t the Omniport Relay Interface need to be connected to an MC3, 6 or 8? Just an FYI