Switches not functioning consistently...?

I just received the MC6 mkii and I’m setting it up with an HX stomp. Love the web editor, easy programming, build quality etc.

However - the switches seem to be behaving intermittently. For example, when double pressing A&B or B&C to change banks, it more often does NOT work (keeps selecting presets A B or C within the bank instead), and then when it does, it often skips 1 or 2 banks. Same goes for the long press and double tap. I find that when I program a preset switch to do different actions, it doesn’t always send the appropriate CC the first time. I’ve played with the sensitivity of the switches in the editor and it doesn’t change this intermittent behaviour. I also checked the midi monitor and while it sometime say ‘corrupt message’, the midi monitor mostly reflects the proper CC/PC changes, but they are not changing on the HX stomp…weird…

Is this a known issue perhaps? Is there something I can try to fix it?

One of the switch might be not as responsive. Try this: program a different CC message on each switch, then go to the MIDI Monitor and test each switch and check if there is any messages not appearing consistently.

Do drop us an email regarding this issue along with your serial number and order number.

Hi James, thanks for the quick reply. Serial# MC6-13602, Order #102680.

I tested out a blank bank with presets sending CCs 1-6 and it showed up as working in the midi monitor. I also went to a bank where I have presets to control the HX stomp. The midi monitor registered the CCs correctly - please see attached picture. Interestingly enough, the bank switching seems to mostly work today…though I’ve encountered a couple of times when it just changed presets.

To illustrate the switching issue. I have the MC6 setup to control a delay effect on the HX as such:

  • Press - Toggle Effect On/Off
  • Double-tap - switch Note between 1/4 and dotted 1/8
  • Long Press - increase/Decrease Mix


As you can see in the linked youtube video I just recorded.

  • The second Press at 5 seconds doesn’t register on/off
  • The first Double-tap turns off the effect instead of togging note value
  • The first Long Press at 21 seconds doesn’t register to change Mix
  • When I try to Double-tap at 32 seconds, it doesn’t register for 4 consecutive attempts, the 5th attempt toggle effect on/off instead
  • 2 more Double-taps at 47 don’t work
  • First Long press at 56 seconds does not work
  • First Double-tap at 1:06 doesn’t work (toggles effect on/off), 2 double-tap does nothing

I am attached to the HX stomp via midi cable. You can see that the presses are pretty consistent (Sensitivity at 3), and I wait between presses (which shouldn’t matter with Midi).

I’m happy to try more tests, record videos - seeking your advice/help on this - thank you!
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Thanks for this. Do drop us an email and we’ll get it sorted out.