Switchable Expression Pedal


Is it possible to have the switch on an expression pedal recognised by the MC8? Like EXP 1 / 2, so I can switch between two configurations by engaging the switch on the pedal?

If not – could you consider this for a future firmware update?


Hi! What type of expression pedal has this switch?

I tried to get the toe switch working with my Mission Engineering SP-25M-PRO Aero on my MC8, but couldn’t get any results either. Not sure if it’s possible.

I have a Mission Engineering, they make a few with toe switch and even sell an upgrade kit for pedals without. But there are many out there, for example the Hotone Soulpress, DOD FX17 or one from NOSE I had a few years back.

HX Stomp and Helix Rack do EXP switching for example. I’m not sure but I think there are two types, ones that switch between TS/RS on a TRS connector, the others that switch polarity for T/R. There are also pedals that switch between two TS outputs.

I think that the Morningstar MC are all about small but highly capable pedalboards and I’d love to have only one EXP and switch between two command sets on the fly with a toe switch.

In addition, that’s a picture of the Mission Engineering “Latching Kit”.

So it seems like the ME pedals have can extra TRS output for the momentary switch, on top of the TRS output available for the expression pedal. You could connect the switch TRS output with a TRS cable to another Omniport on the MC8 and have it set to “Aux Switch”. Then each time the switch is pressed, you can engage a preset.

We’re exploring another option were you can connect the a SPST momentary switch directly to the Tip of the Expression Pedal TRS. When the expression is at toe down and the switch is pressed, it will trigger a command.

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This actually gave me a workaround idea that solved my problem. I plugged the toe switch into another Omniport and it ended up on Preset T.
The preset I have set for controlling my Wah is on Preset G. So, I used the new Engage Preset feature to remote engage the Wah On/Off command on Preset G with the toe switch that triggers Preset T.
That feature is gonna be so useful for solving problems!

The real fun would be to have only one pedal
connected to one Omniport switching between two configurations via toe switch. Is that what you’re up to, @james? :nerd_face:

We already have the working code, but it works with some quirks - the exp value will (logically) drop to 0% when the switch is pressed, so that will trigger 2 events: 1 is exp is now 0%, and the other is the switch has been pressed. It’s hard to isolate both. not sure if that will be an issue for a live use case.

Thanks, @james and @jmay214 ! I do this with Helix for a few years now: toe switch changes from EXP1 to EXP2. As you normally do this in a front-back motion, the value should be 99% in an instant as you move back from the toe switch.

Also, you could implement an option to “link” to expression pedal-configure in MC and share the pedal position value from the selected Omniport between these two configs.

The four Omniports are all in use on my board. Additional switches, EXP and two Midi our to Strymon/ChaseBliss. This idea of one pedal for two configurations would be really great, would also further save real estate on the board.

Do you know if there are any products like that on the market now, which has a SPST switch on Toe Down that pulls the Tip to ground? Or are you planning to mod your expression pedal to use this feature?

Do you know if there are any products like that on the market now, which has a SPST switch on Toe Down that pulls the Tip to ground?

I don’t know how they’re configured, but I know of at least two options for expression pedals with momentary switch:

Mission Engineering’s Aero Line has an upgrade kit for a momentary Switch:

Headrush’s standard EXP for their Looperboard has a momentary switch:

(This one seems to have a separate TS switch output jack that get shortened.)

Or are you planning to mod your expression pedal to use this feature?

I would mod my pedal. I have two EP-1, one genuine and one that was a more than 15 year old was pedal originating from Poland, which has the exact same casted pedal housing as Mission Engineering, down to the last fraction of a hair identical. I threw away the innards and retrofitted a quality pod.

If you need a tester, I can mod either one of my pedals to your specifications any time.

Thanks for the info!

We’re close to releasing v3.7 so we’ll likely put this in v3.8 beta for to test out

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Hi! I’m just sharing my experience trying to connect the ME SP1-L6H https://missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/expression/specific-use-exp/sp1-l6h/ to the MC3. When I try to calibrate the pedal I can set the heel to 0% but when I press the toe in the next step the value shows an alternating 0-1% number at the speed of light. Pressing the footswitch gives me a 0% expression value. I also use the toe switch to switch between two expressions. Hope this info helps!

It’s no big deal for me since the pedal can also connect the HX Stomp exp port and I usually have my aux 2-footswitch as extension for the MC3. Really nice work on the device and the editor! Thank you :slight_smile:

This expression pedal is not suited for our MIDI controllers, unfortunately. It uses a TS cable to connect, whereby we require a TRS cable.

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Thanks James and you are absolute correct in saying this but they made a revision which does supports TRS. I had to do some searching to find the following info:

“Revision B SP1-L6H pedals began shipping in December 2018. Rev B adds an enhancement to the pedal when used with the Line 6 HX Stomp. To connect a Rev B SP1-L6 to the HX Stomp, you may optionally use a single TRS cable in place of the TRS Y cable. This simplifies setup, and reduces wiring complexity on a pedal board.”

I have a rev B which is connected with a single TRS cable to my HX Stomp which works fine for my expression and FS (that’s why I looked it up because I was confused as well). You can scroll down to SP1-L6 Rev B in the following article if you want more information.


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Don’t go and buy a different pedal yet, @Pauluman :slight_smile:

This is what the EP-1 looks inside:

Your pedal should have a 10kB pot if I remember correctly. Just get an additional TRS socket and wire it up like this:

There should be at least one additional hole with a blind plug in it. When done, your pedal works with L6 as well as most gear that uses standard EXP, like the MC. I just wouldn’t plug in two pedals at the same time.

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Ah that is pretty cool @sadrian! But my single TRS cable already works with my HX Stomp since I have the revision B model (see my previous post). I’m assuming the wiring for TRS is universal or could it be a different wiring for the TRS cable I use in the SP1-L6H Rev B?

I still have the return warrant from Thomann so I could trade it in for a different one… But it does work great with my Helix tho.

A “simple” EP-1 works with Helix and HX Stomp. I just tested it to be sure on both with an EP-1 connected like my diagram above. But you will only have one EXP and no switching.

But, if you keep the EP-1 L6H and add an additional output, you can have both in one pedal. Connect as is for Helix, connect with the additional socket. Personally, I would buy the L6-version and mod it as it comes with the switching already installed.

This should be the wiring for your pedal (found via google) with my mod drawn in:

With very basic soldering skills, this is a very easy and inexpensive mod that gives you both in one pedal. And it is easy to remove if you decide on selling the EP-1 again. But I think many people would appreciate it. (tip: I store the blind plugs inside the pedal when doing this mod so they have it at hand later.)


sidenote – this would be the simplest form of a L6 compatible EXP:


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