Switch Toppers for MC6/MC8 flat-top switches

A Morningstar user just shared with us this link to these switch toppers which will fit if you have the flat-top switches.

They have a wide enough bore for the buttons, but they take a gentle massaging to get them over the buttons (they have rubber interiors so don’t damage or scratch).

Anyhow, they’re been working well for me, so wanted to let you know in case anyone else asks about button toppers that fit.


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Well I am interested in anything that makes my foot wide enough to hit two horizontal buttons at once and toppers seem like the easiest way to go.

I’ve been looking into those big ugly plastic ones but I’m not sure they would fit.

I used Barefoot buttons on mine. I have size 13 feet - I have them all over my board.
I like the Barefoots because they let me have two levels of buttons for front and back rows.