Switch Toppers for MC6/MC8 flat-top switches

A Morningstar user just shared with us this link to these switch toppers which will fit if you have the flat-top switches.

They have a wide enough bore for the buttons, but they take a gentle massaging to get them over the buttons (they have rubber interiors so don’t damage or scratch).

Anyhow, they’re been working well for me, so wanted to let you know in case anyone else asks about button toppers that fit.



Well I am interested in anything that makes my foot wide enough to hit two horizontal buttons at once and toppers seem like the easiest way to go.

I’ve been looking into those big ugly plastic ones but I’m not sure they would fit.

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I used Barefoot buttons on mine. I have size 13 feet - I have them all over my board.
I like the Barefoots because they let me have two levels of buttons for front and back rows.


The Barefoot V1 buttons, that I love, will not fit on the new controller pedals as Morningstar have just switched to slightly larger, flat topped buttons. I understand this only effects the very recent pedals as the Barefoot V1 buttons do fit an MC3 I bought 2 months ago and another MC6 bought earlier this year. I have ordered some of the Solutek ones mentioned by James in the first post. Fingers crossed. Cheers.

Do you use the mini or regular diameter? Tall boys on the back row? Thanks for the pic and suggestion, I think I’ll follow suit!

I think you want to get the “BIG BORE” Barefoot buttons if you Morningstar unit is new (they recently changed to a slightly larger footswitch button)

Mine is a bit older with the ‘standard smaller’ footswitch buttons.

I use Tall boys on the back row and standard on the front. It helps me a lot.

I got mine earlier this year, so I also have the old smaller switches (the new ones look nice!).

The old switches measure to 8.5mm, which matches the V2 Barefoot Buttons. As far as the diameter of the top of the button, I was afraid the regular ones (28.5mm) would be too close together, so I was considering the Mini ones (19mm). The ones in your picture appear to be comfortably distanced from each other, and actually look like the regular diameter tops - is that right? Do you ever feel like they’re too close together?

Yes - I used the minis. The ‘standards’ at the front and the ‘tallboys’ at the back.

My new MC6 has 10.8mm ± 0.05mm diameter switches.
As suggested, I think you need the new “BigBore” barefoot buttons.

I will also check out the Solutek buttons too.

Hi @james Do you know if those toppers fit my MC6 mkii? This one for example does not fit the normal toppers for example the mooer candy or mooer mushrooms are too small.

Yes these flat top switches are 11mm in diameter and the user confirmed that it fits.

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The inside of the Mooer toppers are a bit too wide for the mc6 switches (2021 year model)

I had some metal tape for Heater/AC that I trimmed and wrapped the top sides of the switches to make them a tad wider. It worked well on the shrooms. They are on snugly. I think all the Mooer toppers are the same inner diameter.

Sorry, maybe I expressed myself wrong, but my MC6 doesn’t fit because the footswitches are 10" bigger and the inside of the mushroom is smaller, about 8.5" approximately.

Guess my MC6 has different foot switches than yours. Mine’s from 2021.

Looks great

i’ve found a rubber one that works great but can’t seem to find where to purchase it.

from a not scientifical but empirical perspective, the harder metal top buttons seems to damage pedals for me.

any idea where to find rubber tops for the new MC8?

Could someone please recommend switch toppers that fit the MC6 Pro? I’d prefer rubberized because I actually do play barefoot (it’s easier to sense where my foot is on the pedal without having to look).

One reviewer on Scamazon (from June of this year), said that these work on the MC6 Pro. Toes crossed for luck.

SOLUTEK Footswitch Topper

I’ve been able to jury rig the Mooer Shrooms to my older MC6 (had to wrap hvac tap to fill the void) and new MC6-Pro (had to scrape out some plastic on the shrooms to make them wider).

They are nicely rounded, not too huge, pass light from underneath, and are reasonably priced.

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Thanks, I saw those and wasn’t sure since they didn’t list any dimensions. I’ll give them a try too.