Switch Latency on MC8

I am experiencing quite extreme latency on my MC8 when it comes to switching banks and pages. It is plugged in via USB to my mac (running Ableton.)
It is a newer Mac so the USB is converted to USB-C via a hub or adaptor. I do not think this is what is causing the issue but I am not sure.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, please send me your suggestions!

Can you send a video of the issue so we can have a better understanding?

Do you mean changing banks by pressing a bank up/down switch on the MC8, or is it by sending a PC/CC message from the computer?

Which firmware version are you running on the MC8?

Hello James,

Thank you for your reply. I just upgraded to the latest firmware to try and remedy the issue but I am still experiencing the same problem.

Here is the video of the issue:

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for the video!

When you press a single switch, there’s no latency at all right? Does this issue still occur when you power it with 9v instead of having it connected via USB?

Can you check your switch sensitivity setting and make sure it is not set to 5? Setting it to 5 will make it harder to execute a function using a dual switch press, which may be what you are experiencing (and it will look like it is a latency but it’s not. The switches just are not being pressed at precisely the same time if the sensitivity is set to 5). The default setting is 3, but try 2 or 1 and see if it helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions James.

I will try powering it with a 9v and see if it changes anything. Yes, you’re correct, it only occurs when I am pressing double switches and not with the single switch pushes.
I tried adjusting the switch sensitivity but I will try setting them to 2 or 1 and get back to you asap.

Do you happen to be in Looper mode? that will cause this “issue” as well.

perhaps a bank preset which has an engage looper mode on enter?

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Yes, it is in looper mode on one of the pages I sent above. Perhaps I should save that as its own preset and (instead of having two pages) and maybe that would allow me to get to my next presets more quickly?

Anytime you are in looper mode, it disables Dual Button press latency (the Dual Button press, and james can correct me if I am wrong, has a slight amount of latency allowed to trigger the dual press, and if the controller is in looper mode, this latency is disabled, so you have to press both Dual-buttons at the exact-same time or they will instead act as two single presses. If you disable looper mode, your bank up / down presses and page presses should then work as normal.

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Thank you for your help with this James…I was able to get everything going properly once I changed out of looper mode. I think I will program that to one of the switches so I can make the page transitions work more smoothly.