Switch Exp Pedals on and off via Toggle?

First - I’d like to say this is an amazing controller…and the editor is what all others should aspire to! I have only been working on it for a couple of hours now and it is pretty damn slick and easy!

I did have one question that I thought I would ask before I go testing for myself :smile:

I just completed the following configuration for my Headrush Looperboard:

  • Bank 2
  • Presets A -> D = simple “Press” action with a CC
  • Presets E -> H = “Press” with “Select Exp Message”

What I experienced was when I power everything on and move from Bank 1 to Bank 2 my expression pedal was active on all 4 presets (E -> H). I had expected that the pedal would do nothing until I tapped on E, F, G, or H.

I worked around this by going in to the Bank settings and setting up an Event “On Enter” which called my most often used Select Exp Message (happens to be preset H which is a Wah controller).

This resolved it for me - but it did get me wondering if there was a best practice for incorporating the “Toggle” concept here. It would be very handy to know which of my 4 Select Exp Messages are currently active.

Has anyone run in to this or have any ideas? I’m going to mess with it over the next little while, but thought I’d take the easy route and ask here first :rofl:

Thanks in advance!

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Zombie thread, but adding this in case anyone searches in future: this is a reasonable solution… [Uses & Ideas] Select Exp Message