Support Device for Eventide H90 Chaser Bliss MOOD MKII


I’m interested on the morningstar pedals but after downloading the
app on my iPhone, I don’t find the r Eventide H90 Chaser Bliss MOOD MKII
that I’m using.

I know that if I go to the manual of my pedal I would find the command necessary,
but it would make the programing process easier and give confidence,
before making the jump to buy it.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the MIDI Dictionary? If so, those do get updated regularly, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for a list of “supported” devices. The MIDI dictionary is just a handy tool that Morningstar provides that makes programming these devices easier (I often forget to use it and just refer to the manufacturers manual!). If the dictionary is super important to your purchase decision I would say 1) it is regularly updated, 2) you can always create your own user library of commands. One other thing I’ll mention as an H90 owner. There aren’t very many “hard coded” MIDI messages on that devices. Most, if not all, of the usable commands are user defined. It would be very difficult to create a standard library for this device.

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