Suggestion: Showing Bank/Preset Names in Messages


I’m currently doing some setlist banks and came across a minor “issue” (read: suggestion for a possible future release).
How about having the names of the preset/bank in the message window?

Let’s imagine the following scenario:
I have a bank with all my presets of my delay and one bank for all my presets of my reverb.
Now I’m programming banks for each song. When I want to engage a certain preset of the delay/reverb via the “Engage Preset”-Type, I can choose from the Bank Numbers as well as the Preset A-V.
Unfortunately, I have to jump to the particular bank and open the preset list on the top right corner every single time.

Therefore it would be nice if a future release could show the particular Bank Name behind the Bank Number and the Preset Short Name.

Just a tiny suggestion that could make things even easier… Thanks

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll explore this in the next update if possible!


Yes, this is what I’ve been suggesting as well. Would make the Bank Jump and Engage Preset message types much more complete.