Strymon TimeLine weird MidiClock jumps

I recently have problems with MidiClock behaving strange.
Ive set a Midiclock on my Edit Bank, to set the bpm as soon as i enter the bank.
Somehow when recall several presets, at some point the TimeLine acts weird and changes the bpm for no reason. E.g. ive set the bpm to 71. After scrolling through like snapshots vom Preset A-E , without any warning the bpm jumps to 75. On other banks it even jumped first to a small different value, and then to reaalllllyyy high different value.

From then i included a Midi Clock Message in every Preset. But it still happens.

Any ideas whats wrong??

On the Timeline, each preset can be set whether to follow MIDI clock or its own pre-set BPM. Could it be that the preset was set to MIDI clock off?

i checked all presets, and every preset i created for these banks, is set to midi clock on

What’s your MIDI signal chain like? Do you have anything connected to the MC MIDI input? Is this on the MC6 or MC8?

this is on the mc8.

i experienced this problem without an MC Midi input and with “midi input” as well, when i connected the roland um one to use Nixie for the strymons.