Strymon Timeline & BigSky MIDI Channel Issue

Hi guys, probably I may find the answer while I’m out of the house, but I have an issue with both of my Strymons.

This is how I have my MIDI Signal set up as

MIDI Signal

MC6 → ML5 → Synesthesia → Timeline → BigSky → HX Stomp

MIDI Channels set on each device on the MC6

Channel 1: ML5

Channel 2: Synesthesia

Channel 3: Timeline

Channel 4: BigSky

Channel 5: HX Stomp

Could there be something that the Strymon pedals don’t like?? possibly the ML5??

IDK I need help!!

Hi. Are you saying that the Timeline and BigSky are not responding to the messages from the MC6? Are you sending PC messages? Do note that Strymon pedals by default do not engage when you recall a preset. A CC message to engage the pedal is required if it is bypassed.

Hey Brandon,

No, I don’t have my Strymons running PC messages, only CC messages but they’re not responding with the CC messages that I am copying on the MIDI Dictionary I made sure that the MIDI Channel that I chose for my Timeline is to communicate but it’s not doing any of that.

The last time I had my Strymon Timeline responding to the CC messages before I changed the signal route of the MIDI.

Still looking into it and seeing if I should re-route the ML5 to be after the Strymons and see if that works cause supposedly the ML5 doesn’t send SysEx Messages when attempting to communicate with Strymons.