Strymon Timeline and MC6 (V2) Tap Tempo Issue

I’m well aquainted with midi control having used a midi controlled rack rig for some years. I bought an MC6 to control presets on both my Timeline and Bigsky. No problems there.

Problems began when I assigned a tap tempo option to a switch in one bank. This worked well until I got to rehearsal. I wanted to tap tempo one preset (around 108bpm) and then switch to other presets and use those preset’s pre- programmed tempos (e.g., 70 BPM). The midi clock applied the 108 tempo to every preset I selected regardless of the assigned tempo. So, my 70 BPM and other patches became 108 BPM patches no matter what I did.

Back at home I went into the TL Global menu to find an option for the TL to forget or override the MC6 midi clock. There are several options in the TL global midi menu but none of them would make this happen. I gave up with this and just removed the MC6 tap preset.

Next the MC6 got ‘stuck’ and would not open the edit functions or bank up or down. Tried switching on and off but nothing resolved this. Finally, I used the editor app to remove all my programmed presets and the MC6 recovered and seems to be normal again.

Any advice welcome on adding a tap tempo per TL preset without all its presets being subject to the midi clock and thoughts on what happened for the MC6 to lock up.

Regarding the lockup, what was the power up sequence like? Did the controller display the version number etc, and then the 6 preset names, and it got stuck there?

Was there anything connected to the MIDI Input on the MC6? What’s your MIDI signal chain like?

Hi James,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I wasn’t watching but the power up sequence resulted in a normal looking screen with preset names, etc. The problem at that point seemed to be with midi settings on the TL.

Now you ask, I remember I pulled the midi out plug in rehearsal to stop the Strymons getting scrambled. I may have replugged back into the midi input in error when I got home. Could this account for the lock-up?

My midi signal chain is MC6 > Timeline > Bigsky.

Plugging the cable to the MIDI IN port won’t affect anything, just that you won’t be able to send any messages out.

What you’ve programmed into your preset should be just a MIDI clock Tap message right?
If using MIDI clock, the Timeline has a MIDICL setting on a preset level, which allows you to select whether that preset should respond to MIDI clock.

Thanks James,

Good news about reversing the midi out plug. Indeed, I did program just a midi clock Tap message. I think the mess happened at the TL end where the tap message addressed all presets.

Your advice on the ‘per preset’ MIDICL setting makes total sense. I was looking to do this at Global level where I figured the TL could be set to recieve one message which would then be overridden by any preset change. Doh!

I will try this and I’m sure it will cure the problem. BTW, the MC6 is all OK and working as normal. It is a phenomenal piece of equipment.

Thanks very much