Strymon Riverside communication set up

As a brand new user ( received my MC 6 last week and successfully updated the firmware to 3.8.1 ) I’m trying to connect to my riverside using exp2 through 1/4 trs and I configured to signal on the tip in the editor for controller set up. I have been through the settings in the manual for the strymon to set it up for midi -checked that it saves to favorite showing a blue light so all looks good. But when I check the cc#10 signal at 127 it should switch the favorite on but I get nothing. Any advice from someone who has been successful setting up a riverside ?

i have done this but sufficiently long ago that i don’t remember the details. I do remember that it didn’t seem to go quite as smoothly as my CBA pedals and that in the end i found i had to double-check the MIDI channel that i’d set on the Riverside. I was sending CCs to the wrong channel and trying all kinds of things that weren’t working, unsurprisingly.

Have you changed the omniport on the MC6 to MIDI Out - Standard?

Also, is the MIDI channels set on the Riverside to match the MIDI messages that you are sending?

I have fixed the issue with a work around. I use the option on the pedal to auto detect the channel based on sending a PC message and I have assigned to channel 5 and it works. But could not get it to work on channel 3 by assigning that channel manually on the strymon.