Strymon - Preset selection and activation

I’m curious if I’m using the best method to select and activate Strymon presets with my MC8. This method works (see photo), but it’s a little annoying because when I click around among the various programmed presets, sometimes they are activated, sometimes they are not activated, although the preset has changed. Is there a better way to do it? Thank you!

Does the PC message alone work?

Not sure if it’s the best solution, but it sounds like you need an Action on each MC8 Preset that “deactivates” or turns off the other presets.
For instance, I use a Bank as stompboxes (one preset button toggles a pedal in the ML5 on or off) but the extra buttons I use as Presets (turning on and off specific effects)
In those 3 presets I have to have a “Set Toggle” action that disengages all of the stompbox presets. This way, no matter what pedals are turned on or off, it first turns everything off THEN pulls the presets I want active.
Seems like you can add an action before on each Preset that deactivates the other presets before sending the PC message.
Hope this makes sense and I’m not completely misunderstanding your issue.

Hi! You’ve used position 1 and position 2 on messages 2 and 3, so you’ll need to switch on toggle mode for your preset

And yeah use a set toggle message too!

If I do PC message alone it switches the Big Sky to the preset I want, but the preset isn’t engaged by that alone, unless I add in the CC messages to turn on button A (or whichever the preset corresponds too).

So with my current setup it take two clicks on the MC8, but sometimes it works with one click.

I tried turning on toggle message with the same result. Sometimes the preset switches and engages, but sometimes it only switches preset but doesn’t engage without another click on the MC8 switch. I’ll keep playing around with it and post what resolves it. Thanks everyone! This is a cool pedal (MC8) and great forum!

Ok. A combo of everyone’s advice seems to work. I added that “set toggle” command at the top of my messages. Selected all presets for deselection. Then I set “toggle on” for the preset. Finally I switched the cc messages from 80, 81,82 (whichever corresponded with the strymon a,b, or c foot switch) and switched those lines to CC 102, which engages the Big Sky with value 127 and disengages it with value 0. This seems to work how I wanted with one-click. Thanks everyone!

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Cool. Looks right to me! Try enabling the blink option too… then the switches label will flash when engaged and stop flashing when disengaged.

Also, don’t know if your use of Release instead of Press is intentional for message 3… in this scenario, setting it to Press will ensure it fires at the same time as message 2. Which may or may not be what you’re after.

MC controllers are stupidly flexible!


I’ll try it thanks! Now I’m finding that I don’t need that Dis-engage toggle. Seems to work fine with just msg 2-4 and Toggle Mode On (with CC 102 to engage and disengage). Thanks!

If you’ve got “clear toggles” or whatever it’s called enabled in bank settings then yeah you won’t need the toggle message.

For me, if my bank only contains presets I want “one at a time” I set the bank’s clear toggle and then don’t use toggle messages per preset.

If I’ve got presets in the bank that I might want to use at the same time, I disable the bank toggle setting and set it per preset as required.

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OK that helps. I just switched to programming some mobius presets, and that setting must be different, because I’m finding I need the Dis-engage toggle for this one. Thanks for explaining that!