Strymon Nixie with MC6PRO

I haven’t had any success connecting to Strymon NIxie with the MC6PRO. Any suggestions? I’ve tried various settings for MIDI Thru, but it’s confusing to me.

UPDATE: Was able to connect after updating to the latest beta firmware. But unfortunately, Nixie seems to only be able to read presets and can’t write. Any solution?

The last time I tested the MC6 PRO with Nixie - it worked fine.

Can you confirm if these are your MIDI thru settings? I’m assuming you are connecting your Strymon device via the DIN5 MIDI IN and OUT ports.

If it still does not work, can you let me know what Strymon device(s) you are trying to control with Nixie?

Yes, can confirm those are settings. Signal chain is mc6pro->mobius->LVX->bigsky->mc6pro. Nixie loads and functions as normal, but can’t write preset changes.

Can you try connecting one first i.e. MC6 PRO → Bigsky → MC6 PRO and then see if the issue persists, then we can troubleshoot further from there.


Think I figured this out by changing the order of my midi chain. For some reason the “write” message wasn’t passing through the LVX.

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Makes me wonder if lvx is passing or can pass sysex messages

LVX has 2 separate MIDI Output modes: OUT and THRU.
I think it needs to be set to THRU to pass SysEx through.


I have the same issue, my midi chain is : MC6 Pro - Area Disaster DPC.Micro - Walrus M1 - Bigsky - Timeline - Microcosm - MC6 Pro.

Id did set the settings as showed over.

AFAIK, Microcosm doesn’t not pass sysex through. Not sure about the Walrus. You’ll need to remove that from the MIDI chain

Sweet ! And for information, the Walrus stuff does work in the chain :slight_smile: Only the microcosm that was blocking

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