Strymon Nixie with MC6PRO

I haven’t had any success connecting to Strymon NIxie with the MC6PRO. Any suggestions? I’ve tried various settings for MIDI Thru, but it’s confusing to me.

UPDATE: Was able to connect after updating to the latest beta firmware. But unfortunately, Nixie seems to only be able to read presets and can’t write. Any solution?

The last time I tested the MC6 PRO with Nixie - it worked fine.

Can you confirm if these are your MIDI thru settings? I’m assuming you are connecting your Strymon device via the DIN5 MIDI IN and OUT ports.

If it still does not work, can you let me know what Strymon device(s) you are trying to control with Nixie?

Yes, can confirm those are settings. Signal chain is mc6pro->mobius->LVX->bigsky->mc6pro. Nixie loads and functions as normal, but can’t write preset changes.

Can you try connecting one first i.e. MC6 PRO → Bigsky → MC6 PRO and then see if the issue persists, then we can troubleshoot further from there.


Think I figured this out by changing the order of my midi chain. For some reason the “write” message wasn’t passing through the LVX.

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Makes me wonder if lvx is passing or can pass sysex messages

LVX has 2 separate MIDI Output modes: OUT and THRU.
I think it needs to be set to THRU to pass SysEx through.


I have the same issue, my midi chain is : MC6 Pro - Area Disaster DPC.Micro - Walrus M1 - Bigsky - Timeline - Microcosm - MC6 Pro.

Id did set the settings as showed over.

AFAIK, Microcosm doesn’t not pass sysex through. Not sure about the Walrus. You’ll need to remove that from the MIDI chain

Sweet ! And for information, the Walrus stuff does work in the chain :slight_smile: Only the microcosm that was blocking


MC6 Pro only connected to a BigSky and my computer. All the settings above and on the pedal are correct. Nixie sees the MC6 Pro, but it can’t see the BigSky. Any tips?

I had a similar issue with Nixie but with the MC-8. My setup was MC-8 > ML-5 > Mobius > Timeline > Big Sky > MC-8. Nixie would only see two of the three Strymon pedals. I also experienced a setup where I could see the Strymons but not edit them. Thru much trial and error I found success by moving the ML-5 to the end of the chain. So it became MC-8 > Strymons > ML-5 > MC-8.

I still have issues getting Nixie and the Editor working on a single MIDI interface. In the past I edited the MC-8 over direct USB and my H9 via an iPad over bluetooth. No luck then in using a single interface. Removing the H9s and adding the Strymons has created similar challenges.

Nixie is very specific on MIDI interfaces so I have the Roland UM-one. Right now, I use USB direct to MC-8 and a second USB port (via Roland) into the overall chain. I can edit with both Nixie and Editor. If I try to use ONLY the Roland as the interface then the Editor opens to empty banks/presets. it does not pull data from the MC-8. If I attempts to use MIDI Cross then Nixie would not see the Strymons.

This is NOT elegant. I would like to get setup properly…with a single MIDI interface. Any ideas?

I looked at the WIDI products but their product descriptions are so confusing I gave up because I could not determine which one to buy. If I went this way I would want to access my board from my Mac and from my iPad. Any ideas?

I brought all this up bcuz I just ordered the 6-pro. I started w a 6 then moved to the 8, now going back to the 6-pro. As the firmware kept adding features I hv learned 6 buttons is sufficient.

I don’t have anything Strymon, so I can’t help there, but i am an avid user of Widi devices.

The differences between the units is solely the means of connection. The Bud plugs straight into a USB A port, so I’ve got one plugged into the laptop for editing my MC6 and Future Impact.
On the board, I have a Widi UHost, which has a pair of USB C ports, one for power, and one host. I power this from the USB port on a Cioks DC7, and it in turn powers my MC6, saving me a power port. This by itself allows editing of MC6 and FI presets. Its been so reliable i don’t even think about it.
I have an additional UHost connected to an iPad, for real time control of a Source Audio C4, Pigtronix Echolution3, the FI, and the MC6, using TouchOSC. I can also trigger samples/tracks in GoButton, or soft-synths, from the MC6.
This setup comprises one widi group. I have a second group using a Widi Thru6BT, and another UHost. The Thru6BT acts as a bridge connecting the two groups. The last UHost powers a keyboard midi controller, and by bridging, I can control/play the soft synths in the iPad, the FI, and a recently acquired Beebo.

The other Widi devices all use the same topology, the only difference is how they connect. The Widi Master is 5pin Din only. The Jack has 2.5mm trs connections, and adapters for 5pin, 3.5mm, 1/4", and 6pin Din.
The UHost has USB C, and offers adapters for other USB ports. The Bud Pro is USB A only (though i suppose you could adapt that as well.)

TL;dr: Buy the one that fits :smiley:

P.S., Although the iPad and PC can connect to the Widi devices via their own Bluetooth, i chose to use Widi devices for all to minimize latency, especially for live work.

One more thought, then I promise I’ll stop:
With this setup, using a PC, I cannot edit the MC6 and the FI at the same time. I have to close the web editor before attempting to connect to the FI, and vice versa. This is a PC thing. I know there is a way to create a soft bridge, but haven’t tried it yet. This may be relevant to using Nixie…

I am also having issues with getting Nixie to see my strymon pedals. My issue is a bit different than anything I have found on the forum and I can’t seem to be able to post a new thread. I had everything talking and working well other than one issue. The issue is when I completed my midi path back to the input of the MC6pro I was unable to use the MC6pro to control my pedals. It wouldn’t register my inputs at all. I also noticed a Blue Square in the right screen which I believe tells me the midi input is detected (i couldn’t find out what this means anywhere, just taking a guess).

With all of that said, Nixie saw my Mobius, Timeline, and Bigsky and I was able to make all the edits I needed without any issues. I just unplugged the return line to the midi in on the MC6pro and all was good.

After using it this way to program one show, I made no other changes to the editor or the pedals and Nixie will no longer see my strymon pedals. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what happened. I have also tested removing pedals and cables from the chain and followed the instructions on Strymons page and Morningstar’s tutorials.

Does anyone know where to start to get things working again?

Are you using Windows? Windows only allows one software to connect to a USB MIDI port. If you have the editor open and connected, or a DAW, then Nixie won’t be able to use that port to connect.

Also trying to get Nixie to connect. Both of my MC6 Pro’s are setup with the thru settings that James suggested.

Here are the midi devices in my chain

The midi chain goes Midi In —> Right MC6 (#1) —> Left MC6 (#2) —> ML10 #1 (Dry Loops) —> ML10 #2 (Wet Loops) —> H90 —> Big Sky —> Timeline —> Midi Out

Walrus ACS1 connected through omni port 1 on MC6#2
Stryon Dig connected through omni port 2 on MC6 #2 (also connected through USB)

(using a jumper cable in to out to close the loop when trying to use nixie)

Nixie won’t see any strymon pedals (except Dig through USB)

James, I believe this was the problem. I chased down all the setting for quite a while and found out the main problem was using the Morningstar Editor before trying to open Nixie. I needed to close completely out of Chrome and it started to work. Thanks for the response!