Strymon Nixie reads but cannot write changes

I followed the Morningstar tutorial for using the MC8 with Nixie software making all the setting changes (Cross Midi Thru On and Midi Thru Off…). Nixie finds and shows the settings for the Timeline and Big Sky but when I try to make a name change to the Timeline, nothing changes.

Here is my midi setup:

MC8 (channel 16) midi out to ML5 (channel 1) midi in

ML5 midi out to Timeline (channel 3) midi in

Timeline midi out to Big Sky (channel 4) midi in

Big Sky midi out to MC8 midi in

As a test, I bypassed the ML5 in the midi chain (midi out of MC8 to midi in Timeline and everything else the same), and it allowed me to make name changes with Nixie.

Is there a setting I need to change on the ML5? Any ideas how I can get this to work?

This post seems relevant…. Nixie will not see Strymon Big Sky & Timeline w/MC8 - #14 by james

The ML5 does not pass large SysEx messages through, which is what Nixie is sending to communicate with the Strymon pedals and vice versa. The best solution would be to use the Omniport MIDI OUT to communicate with the ML5.

I tried using an omniport midi out to the ML5 but the ML5 is not responding to program change messages.

Do I need a specific trs to 5 pin adaptor to make it work?

it needs to be a Type A midi 5pin to trs connector. do you have a link to the connector you are using?

Here is the link to what I got.

Based on the reviews, it is likely wired for audio.

5 pin MIDI to TRS requires a specific wiring, mainly Type A or Type B. When you purchase an adaptor, it needs to be specific Type A or it likely will not work.

More info on the wiring schemes for MIDI here: