Strymon Nixie and the MC-8 Part II -- Different Problems

I’m having trouble getting Nixie to detect any Strymon hardware when using the MC8 as my interface. (To be clear, I do NOT have another interface, such as the Roland UM-ONE. Is this my mistake? I’m under the impression that after v3.7.1 the MC8 could be used as a standalone interface.)

Everything is at the latest firmware (I’ve tried both v3.7.4 and v3.8.0) and software (v1.0.13 and the web-editor respectively, as instructed) and my connection is direct from my 64-bit Windows PC, running the latest software. My PC connects to the MC8 using the included blue USB cable, the MC8 to the Strymon Mobius (my chosen guinea pig) using a working MIDI cable (five-pin both sides). I’ve also tried two MIDI cables, going from OUT to IN, and IN to OUT.

So, everything is connected using the proper hardware, software, and firmware. But when Nixie opens or scans for devices, it just tells me “device scan complete, nothing detected.” What am I missing? Another user complained that Nixie was detecting too many devices! He must be holding mine hostage. I’ve contacted Strymon to confirm the pedals global settings and firmware are correct, and I don’t know what else to try. Please help!

Hi Jacob,

There’s an issue with this feature in the v3.8 beta firmware. If you use the v3.7.4 firmware, it should work.

We have written a tutorial here:

Do let me know if you continue to face issues.

I followed your tutorial exactly, and it worked. Here was the problem:

In other tutorials, it was important to plug the MC8 directly into the motherboard (or as closely as possible) as some hubs aren’t friendly. I have what I thought was a safe, passive hub, and my assumption was falsely confirmed when the Morningstar Editors detected and edited the MC8 just fine.

This was not the only issue, but it was the final issue. I tried almost every single combination of software, firmware, hardware, and cable routing. Finally, after following your tutorial step-by-step, double- and triple-checking, connecting everything exactly, re-flashing the firmware to v3.7.4, ensuring all settings in both the MC8 and the pedal were correct, I couldn’t believe it still didn’t work.

Then I tried plugging it directly into the rear of my desktop (not an easy thing to do) and it all finally came together and worked as a single unit. Amazing. Totally my fault, although I will say I wish that the usb port on the MC8 was usb type-c, or that the included cable was longer. The short, less-common cable made plugging directly into my desktop tower awkward and difficult.

Regardless, it works now, and I want to thank you for creating, and more importantly, tirelessly supporting such wonderful products. I really appreciate your hands-on approach to customer support

Without touching Nixie, does Nixie change patches (or settings) when the Strymon pedals are switched with the MC-8?