Strymon Mobius Wah

Greetings, I’m trying to set up a Wah in Mobius using an expression pedal in mc8 omniport.
I can find the Filter Mode in the MIDI Library but can’t find a CC value to activate Wah mode.
All the videos and tutorials I can find explain how to set up an expression pedal direct from the Mobius but I’m having trouble translating the perimeters through the MC8
Is it possible to set up a wah just with preset CC’s, or is it necessary to set up a preset in the Mobius and then access it through a Program Change with MC8…?

Hi. You can try using an Expression CC message to control the ‘Filter - Frequency Middle’ (CC#52) parameter on the Mobius. This should allow you to sweep the frequency like you would with a wah pedal. Check out this video if you are not sure how to use an expression pedal with your MC8 yet:

You are looking for “filter mode” (CC 48). Wah is value 1. You also want to set depth (CC 18) to 0, as recommended on page 13 of the Mobius manual. Then, as @Brandon said, you can assign CC 52 to value to the expression pedal, but you want to set 0 as min value and 20 as max value.