Strymon El Capistan Midi Clock

My Strymon El Cap is connected with Midi TRS to an omniport. Everything’s working normally, but whenever midi clock is turned off, the el cap’s tempo changes. Is this normal behavior, or is there a way to get the el cap to “remember” the midi clock speed and not change?

Edit: Just read other forums where midi clock is weird on the omniports. I’ll just leave midi clock persist on!

sounds like the El Cap is getting a message in that moment?
Or thinks it is. It shouldn’t change without being told to.
does it change to a particular tempo?
V1 I assume?

It’s a V2 - I found this on the forum somewhere else.

The Omniports are not designed to send MIDI Clock messages accurately when a large stream of MIDI messages are being sent (for example, CC messages using the expression pedal).

When the midi clock is turned off with another signal sent, it cuts the midi clock message off early and changes the bpm due to a signal being sent

Which MC are you using?

It’s an MC8. I was having issues with the midi clock when using an expression pedal but have settled on a solution - You can mask expression output so it doesn’t go to the omniport that goes to the el cap, and I’m leaving midi persist on.

I’m wondering why you are using an Omniport at all, that’s why I had assumed V1.
Can’t you simply use midi? The TimeLine definitely works that way.
I run a Tap temp switch into an MC8 Omniport and set it for all banks.
So it’s always available.
It sends the BPM via midi to a TimeLine, FilterPro, GX700 and RC505 on one message.

The el cap has TRS midi so the easiest way to control it is to use one of the omniports with midi out. I could get an adapter cable for 5 pin midi - trs, but the el cap needs a special strymon one with an optical isolator cable built in, and the connectors are too bulky for my board so it won’t fit. (the cable is also $40)

I have a Compadre and a Riverside which also have the TRS.
I use a Mid adaptor (Kenton Thru5) which wasn’t cheap either.
But it resolved a few random annoying midi issues and a ground loop noise too.
it’s the kind of gear that doesn’t feel like much fun but you keep and use over and over in new setups.