Strymon Big Sky to MC8

So I recently purchased the MC8 and I’m having trouble activating a control change or program change to the Big Sky. I believe my connections are right. My presets save on my MC8 but pressing a toggle switch won’t affect or take action any of the commands I programmed. I need help!

If the MIDI channels are correct, did you enable MIDIPA and MIDICT in the BigSky? More info here:

Yes they are enabled

can you share a screenshot of how you programmed your preset? Also, if you check the midi monitor, are the messages appearing as expected when you engage the preset?

I’m trying to make a function where I can turn on and off switch A B and C

Looks fine. When you double tap, do you see this appearing in your MIDI Monitor?

Or Activity Monitor:

Main thing to check first is if the Bigsky is responding to any MIDI messages at all. Does sending a CC#102 value 0 message bypass the pedal, or CC#102 value 127 engage the pedal? If not, you might want to check your connections again, or try a different MIDI cable. Perhaps you can share a picture of how you have it connected?

So I have the ml5 commected on midi in on the mc8 and midi in on the ml5. The big sky is on midi in and the mc8 is on midi out to connect midi in on big sky

you’ll need to use the preset toggle to toggle between CC value 0 and 127. In your screenshot, it is sending CC value 0 and CC value 127 together… See example below:

I’ve tried that way and still no change. It does not trigger anything on the big sky

Can you confirm if your Big sky is set correctly to MIDI channel 4 as per what you are sending?

Again, a photo or video to show how you have it connected will help.

I have my cc messages on, pc messages on, midi channel 4, midi through on thru.

Also my mc8 is still on version 3.9.5 could that be the problem?

Nah, v3.9.5 works fine, no bugs related to this.

You’re able to control your ML5? How about connecting the MC8 directly to test?

Already tried and still no change

I’ve had mine chained with 7 pedals before and it’s never been an issue addressing it through MIDI. Normally I would say ‘check that everything before has MIDI thru enabled and that the pedal being addressed is set to CC and PC receive’. But if you’re going direct to the Big Sky from the MC8 then double checking the cable’s plugged into the correct sockets on both devices and if they’re ok swap the cable

Whenever I’m configuring MIDI for a new device I always plug direct from the MC8 into it to check the basics before I chain it up. It just gives confidence that new pedal is responding correctly

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Okay thanks. I guess I’m gonna try to get a different cable

Did you get this resolved?

I’m having the same issue with my BigSky.