Strymon and Midi Clock sets weird bpm values

so what im doing is, entering a bank and the midi clock is sending information to my mobius and my timeline. Some how it takes them 1-2 seconds after entering the bank to get set.
Furthermore, both of them somehow first having a weird different bpm and then display the right bpm.
For example: I want 68 bpm. I enter the bank. Both, timeline and mobius, set first to 72 bpm and in the next second the jump to the correct 68 bpm. And if thats not enough, sometimes mobius settles for 68.1 and keeps it?

anyone else expieriencing that?

beside that. Strymon says to turn midiclock on and of you have to go into global menu. but i cant find it there, i can just find it in parameters.

Yes, that is the expected behaviour. MIDI clock is sent as a constant stream of MIDI clock messages. The tempo is determined by the time between each MIDI clock message. Once the MIDI clock messages start sending, Strymon has it’s own algorithm to calculate the time between each message. This will take a few seconds and is the same as with other devices we have like the H9. The BPM will also change on the Timeline as it is calculating the BPM, likely via averaging.

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