Struggling with "Last Used Bank" on MC8 v3.12.6

I’m not sure what to do with this. It seems like a bug, but notes say it’s fixed in 3.12.2. Here’s my scenario, I’m in Bank 5 and have a preset that goes to Bank 10 where I can select any preset to issue commands to a device. The last command in those presets is to jump back to the “last used bank,” which should go back to Bank 5, right? Some days it does. Other days it consistently goes to Bank 1. Other days it will consistently go to Bank 11 or other.

Is there still a bug, or is this just something unique to me?

I wonder if I’ve seen this before… it may be a result of being connected to the editor and updating the device while trying to use it? honestly would have to test this more before I could comment further…

have you been able to consistently recreate this issue after a fresh boot without being connected to an editor?

It happens regardless of whether I’m connected to the editor or “free stylin’” :slightly_smiling_face:

do you have you bank jump set to Jump To Last Used Bank Only, Jump To Last Used Bank / Page or Jump To Last Used Bank / Page or Page?

I’m using the “Jump to Last Used Bank Only” option and I have “Ignore Bank Preset on Enter” toggled on too.

Are you using the custom bank arrangement feature for this? I’m out of office till Friday but I can check it out next week

Nope, just the regular arrangement.