Struggling to set up MC6 MKI for my H9

I’ve struggled to get my MC6 to work with the software editor. I can get the browser editor to recognize the MC6 but I’m unable to get it to show parameters: the button appears active (and turns blue when I click) but does not do anything after I click it. I’ve verified that the firmware is above 2.5 and that I’m in editor mode. Is there a guide to using the MC6 MKI editor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you try going to and click on “Devices” to see the connected MIDI devices and share a screenshot of that?

From your screenshot, it looks like the editor has detected the MC6, so pressing a switch should load the settings to the editor.

Hi James,

Thanks so much for the fast response.

I’ve attached the screenshot. To confirm, I connected the MC6, selected the MC6 MKI editor, then placed the device in editor mode. I then tried pressing a button but nothing on the editor changed.

Firmware is 2.6.2 beta.

Thanks again for your help!