Struggling to get ML10x to work consistently

I’m finally getting the chance to dig in and use my ML10x. I am simultaneously encouraged and discouraged =).

Encouraged because when I get it to work it is amazing, discouraged because overall I’m struggling w/ consistency. I am sure it’s almost certainly 100% user error though.

I am using an MC8, which I’ve had for almost 2 years and am pretty familiar with, and am running into these problems:

Probably my biggest issue:

I started by mostly using the ML10x in a super simple “stop box” mode using CC commands to control non midi pedals. The commands do send/“work”, but for some reason every time I turn on my board it takes a bunch of trial and error engaging and disengaging on the MC8 just to even get a signal at all. Even when I do get a signal, sometimes it is really tinny - almost like a cable is loose (when that is not the case) - and other times it will randomly, suddenly work and sound great without any real explanation but if I change something it goes back to being a mess.

Part of what makes this so challenging to sort out is because I can’t seem to figure out any consistency to diagnose the issue. It seems to be different every time. it is almost like the status of any one pedal is impacting all of the others - which I know can be true but I didn’t think it would be the case when using CC commands.

The closest I’ve come to figuring it out is that it does seem very consistent that I will have NO signal at all if the first pedal in the preset is NOT engaged. But the issue goes beyond this since sometimes this same thing happens with others in the preset too.

I know it’s tough to troubleshoot/debug from a forum but any advice is appreciated.

Beyond this. I am also having trouble switching between presets AT ALL using the MC8. Haven’t found good instructions for this other than a short segment of one of the old youtube videos. I do think this issue will be easier to figure out since I admit I probably haven’t spent enough time on this one, but it has been a pain point nevertheless.

Thanks very much.

Do you mean switching presets on the ML10X? You’ll just need to send a PC message to select a preset on the ML10X. Does that not work?

Sounds like maybe a faulty cable? Are you using the TRS splitters? What you can perhaps do is go into the ML10X Menu (on the device itself), then >> Global Settings >> Test function. Pressing the right button will go through a series of test

  1. Test LCD (you can skip that)
  2. Test Bypass. This connects Input to Output to test the bypass signal
  3. Test Loop A. This loops Loop A into the audio signal so you can test that Loop A is working.
    i.e. Input >> Loop A >> Output
  4. Test Loop B etc and so on…

Or, you could just manually test it in the editor:


Idea is you can test each loop then see if anything doesn’t sound right, and the troubleshoot further from there (maybe a faulty cable or connection or something else).

Thank you for the thorough reply, I really appreciate it. I am pretty sure I figured it out…I didn’t have a bad cable, but as suspected the issue was human error of my own doing - and a dumb one…

I went through my whole setup last night and figured out that when swapping a pedal in the A-Tip loop a few days back I accidentally got the input and output cables reversed. So no wonder the ML10x was acting erratic.

Everything seems to be working as expected now. Or, if I do run into an issue I can now troubleshoot it (whereas before it was really acting unpredictably)

Of course as soon as I post I figure it out! And, I have now labeled all of my patch cables with their corresponding loops =)