Stone Deaf Midi Clock

I recently purchased a Stone Deaf Tremotron, and like others here have not been able to sync the midi clock from the MC8. I messaged Stone Deaf and got this response:

"If it doesn’t work as per the examples above then its something odd with the Morningstar. Not all MIDI providers use standard protocol that’s back compatible or sometimes there are idiosyncrasies where it just doesn’t work despite it following the protocol. We had the same with Linn devices. It basically runs off midi cc messages.

He attached a PDF of a midi manual that I cannot find online to attach a link, but the midi clock commands seem to be 8 digit byte commands???..

“The MIDI protocol specifies a number of System Real-Time messages that provide timing information to MIDI devices. They DO NOT specify a channel number (They are a single Byte, no data byte follows the status Byte).”

Is the Morningstar able to send these types of messages? The midi guide even has a picture of a MC8 in there, how weird they chose to use a non standard system. Any ideas how to get this to work are much appreciated.

Hi… there’s not many midi things that the MC can’t do :grin:

Can you convert the pdf manual to jpeg ( is good) and attach it here? I suspect that’ll allow (cleverer people than me) to suggest a solution…

Yes, sharing a screenshot of the manual or PDF would help.

Im not sure what is meant by a “standard protocol” though. MIDI is MIDI, it’s just some bits going out. Maybe the device needs a MIDI Start message first? So you can add a MIDI Real Time message type with a " Start" parameter and see if it works

Success! By running a Real time (start) setting with no action, in tandem with a midi tap tempo preset, the Tremotron is changing tempo. Thanks as always.
I’ve tried uploading the Midi Guide PDF here… Tremotron MIdi Guide.pdf | DocDroid
In case anyone needs it.