STL Amphub unable to recognize MC8

I’m unable to connect my MC8 to my STL Amphub. The plugin is displaying the MC8 and it’s midi inputs as active devices but I’m unable to select/check any of the boxes to select the MC8 as the midi device. The MC8 has been mapped using the Morningstar editor through channel 3 and is connected to my PC via the USB cable. Help would be appreciated . Cheers !

It’s possible that another program has claimed all the MIDI ports, which is why you can’t connect to them. Windows only allows you to connect 1 MIDI port per software. There are 4 virtual MIDI ports available. The default setting in the MC8 is 1, so it only sends MIDI on Port 1. If you want to send MIDI on port 2, 3 and 4, you’ll need to go to the Controller Settings >> General Configuration and change the USB Virtual MIDI Port setting to 4.

If you have the editor open (or any other MIDI software), close it first and then try to connect your STL to the MC8 port 2, 3 or 4 first (Editor communicates with the MC8 only on Port 1).

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Thanks ! I changed the configuration in the editor, STL recognizes the MC8 now but am still unable to make any cc changes or map midi in Amphub. Please guide further .

Then it’s the STL that is using all the MIDI ports so Amphub can’t connect to any of them.

One solution would be to use loopMIDI to create more virtual MIDI ports that you can use. We have something documented here: Creating Virtual MIDI Ports in Windows OS
This is a windows issue. No such issues on macOS.

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Thanks made the virtual MIDI ports for the Morningstar Editor and Amphub, connected the both to their respective ports , Which channel should I map the changes in the Morningstar editor ?

My MC8 is sending CC and PC messages as visible on the midi output monitor in MIDI ox . Although I still can’t use it on ableton or STL plugins. Please help :slightly_frowning_face:

In Windows, if your other programs is not able to connect, then there is another program already claiming that MIDI port. Are you not able to connect to all 4 ports? Try closing all your other MIDI programs first, then opening Ableton and connecting to one port first.

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Hey ! Thanks a lot am able to map things in Ableton but the plugin still doesn’t respond to standalone plugins despite recognizing the virtual port I created through the MIDI ox

can you share a screenshot of your mapping in loopMIDI?


midi ox routing

any updates on this ?

From your loopMIDI screenshot, I can see that each virtual port is receiving data, so I’m not certain what might be the issue wrt your plugin. In the plugin MIDI settings, you are able to select the STL Amphub virtual port right?

Are you able to control other software with the virtual MIDI port, like ableton?

I’m able to control I’m able to control my Cory Wong Neural dsp plug-in