Stereo sources linked as an icon in simple mode

Perhaps this feature is already available… To me, the glory of the ML10x is its ability to route stereo pedals - I have the ring and tip send and receive of Loop A going to my Strymon timeline, ring and tip send and receive of Loop B going to my Source Audio Ventris and so on. Can these pairs be linked as a single routable unit?

The ring/tip split makes sense with mono pedals but I would love the rearrange-ability of simple mode from the switcher itself for my stereo pedals as well.

I have the MC6 pro and would like to set up a page with ‘stompbox mode’ that I can experiment with combining different stereo pedals to see combinations I could create presets for…



Seconding this request. I’m running 6 mono pedals and two stereo in my ML10x and it’d be great to have the ability to group stereo pedals as 1 unit in simple mode.

Potentially summing to mono if then followed by a single tip or ring.

Would open up so much flexibility outside advanced mode (which is fantastic if you already know the sounds you want).