Stepping through Preset Sequence with one Button

Hi everyone,

has anyone tried to create a sequence of presets to step through with one preset, that has a list of different “Engage Preset” messages?

Currently I am struggling with making this idea work and I don’t see, if I am the problem or if, what I try, is just not implemented:

  • I want to use one bank as a list of presets which control different parts of the song.

  • My list starts on preset „B" until and including „H“, then continues on „J" and ends on „P“.

  • „A" and „I" have no song function.

  • When I press the presets “B-H” and “J-P” throughout the song everything works. „H“ toggles the page in addition to its song functions to continue until „P“

  • So what I tried now is to make „A“ and „I“ my „Step %G“ buttons that have a list of "Engage Preset“ functions for each page, so I can step through my song parts with just one button. When pressing „A“ reaches „H“ in its list, „H“ would toggle the page and I would continue stepping with „I“. It basically works except the „Toggle Page“ message, included in preset „H“, is not working, when engaged through the message scroll of preset „A“. When I press „H“ directly, it works.

  • I know, that I could step through all presets with my „Step %G“ button „A“, but I want to have direct access to the preset buttons on page two, for when I accidentally skip a preset through a double tap or sth.

So my questions are:

  • Is it one purpose, that „Toggle Page“ messages within a preset are ignored, when this preset is engaged externally? Or am I making a mistake, that I don’t see?

  • And overall: Is that a good way to program my idea or am I thinking too complicated?

Looking forward to your opinions and appraoches! :slight_smile:

It sounds like a GREAT solution! I would suggest posting some screenshots including enough of the screen to see the preset numbers to help people review.

FWIW I’ve just starting playing around with engage preset and I’m struggling because I’m trying to Engage Toggled presets which kinda works until it doesn’t!

You need a Morningstar brain on this one not mine though :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Sry for not replying! I am currently don’s use this workflow anymore. Instead I press all presets individually. I haven’t tested, if the problem I had in the first place is solved with the new update. When I will have tested it, I update this answer :wink: