Step value for PC Number Scroll

For CC Value Scroll, an Increase/Decrease and send gives the option to set step value in one message. But for PC Number Scroll, to achieve this needs two messages, one for Utility to increase/decrease by specified step value and a second message to send.

Can’t think of a reason NOT to enable “in-line” step values for PC as well as CC? Less useful for program change typically, but someone might find it handy?!

We didn’t add it for PC Scroll because it didn’t seem logical.

For CC values, you might want to step through, say, the volume parameter in increments of 2/5/10 etc. But for PC scroll which recalls presets, typically the user want to scroll through each preset rather than jump through every n preset. I mean, we can add that, but we just didn’t have any requests or logical use case for this.

Actually yeah… that makes sense! So, ignore this. It’s possible if anyone wants to do it!