Step Program Feature?

Hi, I’m looking at an MC8 and I was wondering if anyone knows if it if capable of an action my Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro has. That is assign 2 buttons that essentially just step through all of the preset programs, one forward and one back. So you just have your set changes programmed in order and step on the next button to get to the next change(like verse, chorus, verse, solo, outro etc.).

You can definitely do this with the MC series using PC Counter commands. In fact, someone just posted an example the other day: [Uses & Ideas] Value Scroll Counters - #2 by moley6knipe.

Hey I appreciate your response. The thread you linked seems to deal with scrolling presets on a another device like a particular pedal. To clarify I’m looking to scroll the presets I program on the MC8.

I’m not entirely sure I understand your question; I haven’t used a Ground Control, so I don’t really know how they’re set up. Are you talking about scrolling forward and backwards through banks? The terminology might be different between the GC and the MC8.

Sorry maybe I’m not doing a good job of communicating what I’m thinking about. So I understand you can scroll banks, that are comprised of groups of individual presets. I’m saying could I program a button globally to just go from preset 1, then 2, then 3, and so on. So essentially your only ever hitting one button as you go through your set not toggling through banks and presets.

I think my method above would work… it’s a matter of finding the MIDI command on your Ground Control that means “select and load next preset” and send that using a CC or PC scroll (or some other method) from the MC?

OK, after a night’s sleep and some coffee, I think I see what you’re trying to do here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The way I’d accomplish this is to program one preset in each bank with a Bank Jump command that goes to the next bank. This could either be one of the 8 visible presets on page 1 of each bank (Preset D in the lower-right corner, for example). or one of the “bonus” presets that you can access by plugging an external foot switch into an OmniPort. You can set this up once in the first bank, and then copy and paste the preset into all of the other banks. You’d then use the Bank Messages to set up all of the commands for your signal processing for each change, set to execute “On Enter.” When you press the “next preset” button, the MC8 will jump to the next bank, and execute its “On Enter” messages, which will switch your sound for the next song/part/whatever. If you need to go backward through the list, you can also set up a switch with a Bank Jump to the previous bank in the same manner. You’d then have the remaining foot switches in each bank to send on/off commands for anything that needed to happen during a particular part of a song (turning on an effect that only kicks in during the back half of the chorus, maybe), if you want to do that.

The possible downside to this approach is that you only get as many presets as the MC8 has banks - 30, in its current configuration. Only you can know whether that’s enough for your needs.

No worries thanks a lot for sticking with my bad explanation :grinning: I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the MC8. I may have to manage the set list a little different but it’s probably worth the trade for the other functionality and more compact fort print of the MC8.

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