Starting from the beginning with MC3

Greetings everyone! I am total beginner, so apologies in advance for any clear oversight on my part. I am starting on square one start with setting up my first pedal with my new MC3.

I have a few quick questions that may just need single word answers:

  1. Do I need to set the midi channel of the pedal in the editor first, then start editing?
  2. Is a bank the same as a pedal? Does each pedal have a total of 30 banks and numerous presets?
  3. I am mainly using Chase Bliss pedals, which I believe store 122 presets. However, I only see 30 banks on the left, 16 MSG in the Edit Preset, and A, B, C, D, E, F on the right under Presets. Is it possible to save 122 presets to each pedal?

Again, sincerest apologies if this has all been covered before, I just couldn’t find it any of the numerous videos and manuals I’ve read so far. I would be so grateful for any input.

All the best,

For reference, I am attaching my first time view of the editor and what I’m seeing so far:

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You might want to start with this

And this

Thank you for pointing me to these videos!

the videos won’t answer all of your questions, but we can start from there. Feel free to ask further if you need help.

To answer your questions above:

First try to understand the concept of your midi controller. How you organize banks and presets is entirely up to you.
What you can do with the MC depends on the way Midi is implemented on your CBA pedals. Read the manual of the CBA pedals to learn what can and can’t be done with Midi. Ask yourself what you personally want to controll with Midi. Then try to figure out how to programm the MC to get your CBA to do what you want.

Again, thank you so much for for the answers. I think I had outlandish expectations for what any MIDI pedal could do. I had a dream of being able to switch between six of my CBA at will and recall all 122 presets (all with their own name!). Now I’m starting to see the limitations and how to be creative with them.

My main now is how to switch MIDI channels in order to control one pedal at a time. For example, if I have a Mood on channel 1 and a Thermae on channel 2 and so on, is there a MC/CC message I could send that would let switch between each pedal?

Again, my apologies for so many questions in my initial post. It was a lot, haha. Very grateful for your help.

Once you have set up the Midi channels on your CBA pedals (this can’t ne done via the MC or the editor, you’ll have to set the channel on the actual pedal. Check the CBA manuals on how to do this) the Midi channels are fixed and there is no reason to change them again. Just make sure that each pedal is set to a different channel.
After that you can send Midi messages to your pedals on different channels at the same time. A pedal will only listen to messages that are sent on the channel you’ve set it to.
Now you can programm a preset on the MC that will recall a patch of the Mood and/or the Thermae and engages both pedals. You can also choose to engage one of your pedals and disengage the other. That’s up to your preferences.

To start simple try to control just one pedal at first to get an idea how things are done

Ok, I browsed the forum to get an idea on how CBA pedals do Midi, unfortunately it looks like CBA pedals are exceptionally tricky to handle. But no worries we will get there. First you should focus on the physical connections. Looks like most CBA pedals recieve Midi on ring. You will have to set up the MC 3’s ports to send Midi on ring. In some cases users had to disconnect the tip of their trs cables to have it working correctly.

How are you planning to connect all 6 pedals to the MC? The CBA’s don’t have Midi through or do they? Do you own a CBA Midibox?

GuitarWolf, I wish I could buy you any pedal of your choosing for all of your help and time.

I have a CBA Midibox connecting to three, and then I’m using the four ports to connect to the others. And I definitely agree: CBA pedals are tricky to handle.

I managed to get a Mood setup! I can now turn on both wet and record channels, six presets, and scroll through all 122 presets.

“You can also choose to engage one of your pedals and disengage the other.” THIS 100%! My biggest desire on earth is to move from pedal to the next. Is there a MC/CC to change the individual midi channel? For example: Mood on Channel 1, and then switch to Gen Loss on Channel 2?

Again, let me know which pedal you’re after!


No you can’t switch channels via CC messages, but you don’t need to anyway.

I’ve had a quick look at the Mood’s manual. To set the Midi channel of the Mood you have to hold some button down (I can’t remember which one) and then send a PC on the Midi channel you want it to be on.
You have to do this once for every pedal you want to control. After that you don’t need to change the Midi channels.
Let’s say you have Mood on channel 1 and Thermae on channel 2.
If you want to control the Mood, just send the messages on channel 1. If you want to control Thermae just send messages on channel 2. Or do both send some messages on channel 1 and some other messages on channel 2 at the same time! The MC3 allows you to send up to 16 messages with one button press, therefor you can control 16 pedals all at once, engaging some while disengaging others.
But you have to programm individual messages for each pedal you want to control, there are no shortcuts, you can’t have a CC the disengages the Mood while engaging the Thermae.You’ll have to send an ‘off’ message to the Mood and another ‘on’ message to the Thermae

[quote=“alonglost, post:9, topic:5852”]
I have a CBA Midibox connecting to three, and then I’m using the four ports to connect to the others. [/quote]

:thinking: I’m sorry but this won’t work. As stated in a previous post, CBA pedals want to have Midi on ring, but only two of the four ports of the MC can be configured that way, the other two are fixed to standard midi out.

This pretty much sets me straight in every way! You’ve taught me everything I need to know going forward. I may do a factory reset and start from the beginning.

As for the two fixed ports, you can open the MC3, flick a few switches, and it will allow you to use a ts to trs cable on ports 1 and 2. Bought a couple of right angled cables and adapters—boom!

Now I just need another Morningstar to control my strymon board! The new MC6 looks pretty tempting.

Thanks again for looking through all the manuals and providing with all your insight! Really, really grateful. Morningstar’s support didn’t answer a single question of mine, although CBA’s support was great.

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