Start/Stop messages

Hello Everyone, first time poster here!

I’m trying to program start/stop messages from my MC6 to my Novation SLmkiii. I realize this is sort of an out of the ordinary request, but I play synths and while I mostly use my MC6 for changing presets on my synths and pedals, I also use the sequencer on the SL MKiii to sequence some functions on my pedals, and would like to set those to start when I engage certain presets on the MC6. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it though - can someone help me? Thanks again!


It’s under the “Real Time” messages. There are start and stop messages there.

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Thanks! I forgot to mention - I tried this and it doesn’t seem to be triggering the sequencer. Is there something you think I could be doing incorrectly?

That’s all there is to it though. Can you share a screenshot of your settings? Also, when you press the button, does the message appear in the MIDI Monitor?

Thanks for the help! here’s some screenshots.

Thanks! Really sorry, my bad. I re-read your post again, and it is not related to the Real Time start messages :man_facepalming:

We’ve got not much experience using the Novation products unfortunately. But, that product is just a MIDI Controller, and the MIDI IN port on the SL is just routing the MIDI messages from MIDI IN to USB (to your Ableton), so you actually just need to map the CC messages you are sending to Ableton if you want to start the tracks.

Hey so, no Ableton involved here - fully dawless! The SL mkiii is both a midi keyboard AND an 8 track midi sequencer - I’m sequencing some parameters on a Source Audio Collider from the SL MKiii alone. If there’s anything else I should try, please let me know - thank you :slight_smile:

On some devices, without sending a real time clock, there is no immediate reaction. I don’t know this Novation but Elektron synths wait some time, just checking that there is no external clock sent then starting their internal clock after one or 2 bars depending their settings. To be sure to start, you must set a bpm and send a clock.

Hey thanks for the response! Yeah, I also use the MC-6 as a master clock for all of my devices so it’s sending that as well

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