Standalone Pot for Exp?

Hello! I’d like to control some CC values via the exp input, but rather than using an expression pedal I’d like to have a pot sitting directly on my MC3. (I usually play keys and have my pedalboard at hand height.)

I assume if I get a 10k pot I could wire it to a 1/4" TRS, plug that in the Exp jack, and use some dual lock to mount the pot on the top of the MC3.

But I wanted to check in and see if anyone has already gone down this road with any tips, or if someone already makes a product like this? (I’m aware of external slider/roller units that could be run into the Exp, but I’m really looking for a super-minimal solution that is just a standalone pot with no separate enclosure.)

As a related aside, I think a built-in, assignable digital rotary dial would be a great feature/upgrade! :slight_smile:

I’ve done exactly that. Works a treat.

I used a 1590LB (ringbox) sized enclosure, with the pot mounted on the side, and velcro’d the box to the side of my mc6, knob up. I used a rather large knob, so i could actuate with my foot. Puts the knob just below the plane of the back row of switches, so out of the way, but accessible.

Saturnworks makes a similar box but with the knob on the top face

I also made a 1590B sized box with two pots and a footswitch to toggle between two set points. I’ve been looking for a circuit to ramp between the two (I think OBNE makes a pedal that does this, maybe EHX as well), but it’s not very high priority atm.

I’m using the MC8 to control my DAW and hardware in my studio. I have an MC3 on my pedalboard.

The purple box next to the MC8 just contains pots wired as expression controllers. Four go to the MC8 and the two larger ones to Lexicon hardware.