Stack pb when using Jump to Last used Bank

@james, I am using more intensively this feature you added in 3.9 : a stack where every jump to a bank number is pushed, allowing to pop each bank when calling Jump to last used bank to reverse our travel through menus.
It works but when the stack is full, it seems that it is not the oldest element which is removed from the stack in order to create space for a new push. It appears that it is the element just before the oldest. Easy to test : do many bank jump than go back and you see that the last kept element is always the first ele;ent pushed in the stack.
It also seems that the max size of the stack is very low, something as 3 or 4. What is the exact max size of this stack ? It would be nice to have a minimum size of 8 or 12 ?

The size is 10. I just tested it and it works fine though. I scrolled through banks 1 to 20, and then I can jump back from 20, 19, 18 … 11 and 10.

Thanks for having some time on this.
I need to investigate more on this and provide you with a better repro if my pb persists.

What I can say is that when I send an external midi PC 29 when my MC8 is on Bank 1, it correctly jumps to Bank 30, but a jump to last bank from here has no effect.
It seems that the external midi PC does not push its current from bank to the stack when jumping to its target as does a Jump to Bank MSG ? It should. Is it something that coukd be fixed in the same beta as the addition of external midi for Back 2 Last Bank ?

External midi for Bank Up and Down seems to correctly push their starting bank to the stack.

EDIT : when you add the external midi for Jump 2 Last Bank, it should also pop from the stack. Just in case :wink:

@james , I think this one is a bug but may be I don’t understand: any Bank Jump to last Bank is not triggered when following a Midi Clock MSG as in the following picture.
I made sure that the Jump stack was not empty

Because the MIDI clock message is waiting for the switch to be released before proceeding. It’s a bug - I’ll fix it in v3.9.4

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There seems to be a bug for bank changes executed by PC message as well, in terms of recording last ban in the queue. Have fixed it and will include in v3.9.4

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Thank you @james .
I moved the previous content of this answer in a new thread where it is best adapted