Spurious MIDI messages from Omniport?

I seem to be getting some odd behavoir from my MC6 Ominports.
I have an Expression on #1 and other MIDI devices on #2 (set to MIDI out - Standard).
Quite often, when I do CC sweeps on the expression pedal, some devices (namely HX stomp and a Chase Bliss MOOD), jump to other presets or generally do something that they shouldn’t.

Has anyone seen this?

EDIT: This only occurs when MIDI clock is on on the MC6, and can occur on any MIDI channel, not just the channel of the device that shows the symptom.

Does this occur only when connected to the Omniport? How about the HX Stomp connected to the 5PIN output?

Thanks @james

Yes, just seems to be the Omniport (#2).
HX Stomp is solid on the main MIDI out , as is the CB MOOD MKII.

I originally had the MOOD MKII on the Omni, discovered the issue, the swapped the whole chain around and the problem moved to the Stomp, and resolved on the MOOD.

The manifestation on the MOOD seems to be switching to a different preset and/or lockup.

The manifestation on the HX seems to be the page up/down command where it brings up a list of presets (I forget what CC it is).

As mentioned, it doesn’t matter what channel the CC sweeps are on in comparison to the “problem” device, and also this only occurs when MIDI clock is being sent. If it’s not, it’s totally solid.

Thanks for the info. Might be a bug related to the code for the Omniports (omniports uses software to send MIDI, while 5pin and 3.5mm uses hardware). I’ll try to replicate this issue first.

Thanks, also see this thread that seems to have similar(ish) issues.

Hi @james, we’re you able to replicate the issue?

I didn’t test this specifically with the HX Stomp or CB pedal but I tested this with the Omniport going into a USB MIDI interface (steinberg UR22) and then monitoring the outgoing messages in a MIDI monitor. Messages were generated by the waveform generator and I tested all omniports with the BPM running at 120 but was unable to replicate the issue (all messages were appearing as expected in the MIDI monitor).

Just to confirm, you are running firmware v3.11.2? Is the functions triggered on the HX Stomp always the same? i.e. Always the page up/down command?

Thanks for the reply @james.
I’m using 3.11.1 - this seems to be the latest for the MC6 MKii (not PRO)?

  • On the MOOD MKii, it appears to recall a preset (although tbh that seems a bit more sporadic).
  • On the HX Stomp, it triggers the bank up/down (I don’t know which tbh).
  • Very, very occasionally, it will also recall presets on the two Source Audio pedals I have, connected via Source Audio hub from the Omniport.

These are in desceding order of regularity.

For the record, my most recent testing was going direct to the MOOD MKii from the Omniport, or to the HX Stomp from the Omniport via an ML5 in/thru (i.e. SA hub not in the equation).

I tested both but more time was spent on the Pro. I can double check again, but just to confirm, this only happens on Omniport 2 for you, and not Omniport 1?

I’ve not tried 1, but is happening on 2.
I have a Volume(X) on one, not sure if that’s related in anyway.

Don’t think it’s related but I’ll try testing using an Exp then. Might take a while cos we have all our stuff packed in boxes already (moving office 1st week of June!). I’ll try to dig out an expression pedal from somewhere.

Wanted to follow up on this - I am using an MC6 Pro and seeing very similar issues with my CBA Thermae. The omniport is configured to Ring Active and is able to send basic CC messages, however it also seems to be pushing the pedal into some sort of self oscillation making it totally unusable.

I’ve switched to using just the main MIDI out on the MC6. Unfortunately I had to fork out for a MIDI box for the Chase Bliss as I ran out of things with a thru, but it does make it totally stable, and avoids the Omniport problem.