Specular Tempus MIDI (helpz plz)

I just purchased an MC8 and I was wanting to both my specular tempus pedals. The only problem is that when I introduce a midi thru box (midi solutions brand) it doesn’t send any messages out and I tried multiple combinations with the midi thru device. But here’s the kicker, the messages work perfectly fine when the MC8 is directly connected to the ML5 and from the thru connected to 1 specular tempus which is limiting because the specular pedal has no midi thru, herein lies the problem because I’m trying to control both my specular pedals. I’ve used the quadra thru, replaced thinking it was broken, and then used the dual thru, to no avail. Any guidance would help me dearly.

Hope to hear from y’all soon

Have you got the chain MC8—>Quad Thru—>everything else? Should work that way.

I’ve tried that, MC8>Midi Thru> (insert midi pedal)
In that combination, it doesn’t even send messages to the ML5.
I’ve seen someone use the MPC micro from Disaster Area and it seems to
work completely fine with midi messages [MC6 >DPC>2(specular tempus)]

Hi. Are you using the newer multivoltage version of the MIDI Solutions Thru? From their FAQ page:http://midisolutions.com/faqs.htm#MultiVoltage

Our MIDI messages are sent in compliance with the new MIDI standard at 3.3v. MIDI solutions products used to operate with only 5v MIDI messages.