Source Audio True Spring / Multiple CCs From MC6 Pro Host Port

It’s probably an ID-10/T error, but I can’t seem to get the True Spring to respond to any commands except on the first two preset message slots. I mapped out the MIDI on the True Spring to have CC0 be pedal bypass and engage, and CC1 be tremolo bypass and engage. But it’ll only recognize one or the other, not both, and only what’s in preset messages 1 and 2, and only if they’re the same cc message just with different values. I’m using the Host port on the MC6 Pro to connect to the True Spring via USB. All messages are on the same MIDI Channel.

Hi, welcome! I found this out the hard way…

The older Source Audio One series pedals (True Sprint, Aftershock, Gemini etc) can’t store presets (sounds) on the pedal themselves. That’s what the Source Audio Hub is for: connecting the True Spring via a Hub would allow you to set up the True Spring then save/burn the settings to a ‘Scene’ number on the Hub (if you’ve got more than one SA pedal on a Hub you can create Hub ‘Scenes’ that recall any combination of connected pedals).

You then recall the True Spring sound by sending PC to the Hub’s MIDI channel: so Scene 1 is PC 0, Scene 2 is PC 1 and so on.

What you can do without a Hub is send the True Spring CC values that will do things. Here’s an example using my Aftershock and MC6MkII

I’ve assigned ‘Bypass/Engage’ to CC 127 in Neuro editor MIDI map:

Now I can send this - first press engages the pedal, second press bypasses the pedal (replace “Blink” with colours for the MC6Pro):

When mapping MIDI on an SA pedal, treat “on/off” CC values like value 0 = off, value 127 = on.


@bldgabttrme - post screenshots of your Neuro MIDI map and the MC Pro presets and I can have a look at them… having re-read your post slowly :smiley: I think I can see what you’re trying to do, and I suspect it’s maybe Toggles giving you issues….

So, with the True Spring it actually does store three presets on the device, maybe that’s something they added with the True Spring.

But I’m not trying to send preset recall PC messages, I’m just trying to send a handful of CC messages at the same time, and for some reason when I send multiple CCs they don’t all go through. I can’t hook the MC6 Pro up right now to do screenshots but I’ve got everything the same as you do, except I didn’t have preset blink on (I didn’t recall seeing that MIDI channel 1 instead of 3 but that’s fine. I’ve got CC 1 mapped in the Neuro App to be engage/bypass, then msg#1 CC#1 CC value 127 position 1 and msg#2 CC#1 CC value 0 position 2, and the pedal engages and bypasses how I expect it to. However, I have CC#2 mapped to engage/bypass the tremolo effect on True Spring, which can be toggled independently of the reverb effect (it’s basically a two-in-one). And when I set msg#3 CC#2 CC value 127 position 1 and msg#3 CC#2 CC value 0 position 2, it doesn’t trigger the tremolo either on or off. And then if I move the CC2 messages into slots 1 and 2 the tremolo will then trigger on and off, but the reverb will remain in whatever state I last left it in. I also tried this in different CC slots, different message slots, and with the mix function on the True Spring, and same result every time.

I forgot the editor has a demo mode, here’s a screenshot recreating what I tried: