Source Audio “Tap” Controls

Hi all,

Considering grabbing a True Spring reverb pedal from Source Audio. The pedal can be set up so external tap pedal can activate the tremolo feature. Can the MC8 emulate the external “tap” switch, to activate the tremolo from the controller?


Hi Chris,

No, the MC8 does not interface with other devices except via MIDI. It won’t be able to act like a switch for other devices.

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Well… at the risk of contradicting the boss :smile: I bet the MC8 can do it.

I’ve got a SA C4 and you can map any pedal function to any CC number you like using the desktop editor. The same is almost certainly true for any SA One series pedal.

Once you’ve mapped the function and noted the function and CC number you’ve chosen, then program the MC8 accordingly.

I believe that the C4 has stand-alone midi capability. The other One Series pedals require the external Neuro Hub for the Midi control that you described, unfortunately.

Ah right… sorry, I assumed use of the Hub! Yes, with the Hub you can control anything on any SA pedal.