Source Audio EQ2 with Expression pedal for Volume

Hey guys,
Has anyone tried this combination?
I tried but failed

Hi, I did, works fine. What’s the issue?

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I directly plugged the exp pedal to the neuro hub managing the EQ2, good results and one more exp slot on mc8 :wink:

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@GuitarWolf :
In general I want to use it as a volume pedal, heel position maybe 60 on a MIDI scale, toe position full = 127.
I connected my Earnie Ball Jr to the MC6pro and programmed the master output on the EQ2 but 127 drives the Master output to +18db…
And one can also programm the EQ2 pedal in it´s own dedicated software. But if I do so I do not see/hear any changes…

With the neuro hub you stay in the Source Audio ekosystem. This prolly works great

@docmidnite - the EQ2’s midi manual states that master volume is mapped to CC 0 by default, with values being “0 = -∞, 64 = Unity, 127 = +12dB”

So in theory (assuming your exp pedal is compatible with MC) just create an exp preset using CC 0


RTFM! Me bad! Though I must have overlooked this!
I will dial that in asap then it should work!
Thank you very much @moley6knipe

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Moley is on spot! That’s how I’ve set up mine.


I read the German manual but there is this mapping missing!
Anyway I toyed around a bit today and could get my Earnie Ball VP Jr pedal to work. I chose CC70 and thanks to that map I could dial in what I wanted. BUT for some unknown reason it does not work on all my presets…
Geee… I´m getting to old for that stuff… LOL

ADD: Just messin´round some more: Tried to get the volume pedal to work on another bank with NO success… On the MC6pro I can see the percentage going up/down and also can see the EQ2 LED flash ( as a sign that some information is applied)…

HELP needed…

Can you post a screenshot of a preset that works and one that doesn’t? Sorry if you know this, but in windows press Start then type “snip” to bring up the screen grab tool…

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Also: can you post a link to the exact model of EB pedal that you’ve got? A quick glance at the internet makes me wonder if it’s compatible with the MC

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Hi, MasterVolume is CC# 0.There is most likley an error on the MC’s programming side of things. Do you know how to set up a patch that uses expression in general?

Btw you can remap all CC with the Neuro editor:

Folgen Sie diesen Schritten, um eine benutzerdefinierte MIDI CC Zuordnung zu erstellen:
• Verbinden Sie Ihren EQ2 mit dem Neuro Desktop Editor.
• Wählen Sie in der oberen Menüleiste Device und dann Edit Device MIDI Map aus dem
• Das Fenster EQ2 MIDI Map Editor wird geöffnet. Blättern Sie einfach zum MIDI CC Wert, den
Sie neu zuordnen wollen, und öffnen Sie das Aufklappmenü dieses CC. Es wird eine Liste von
Parametern angezeigt.
• Wählen Sie den Parameter, den Sie dem ausgewählten CC zuweisen wollen. Der Prozess ist
jetzt abgeschlossen.

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I´ll get you the infos you need to help asap. Now I´m at work and will get to it on Saturday…

It´s this one, connectes with a TRS on one side and 2 coresponding mono plugs on the other side.

I can see and hear, that it works but as I said not on all presets.

I´m not a total beginner :grinning:
I was a long-time Fractal user (AXE Fx III, FM 3) and a long term Kemper user as well and was always able to get the pedal working.
Now I switched back to a real tube amp ( HOOK Wizard, MIDI controllable) and fx pedals (H9 and EQ2)
Using the EQ9 is new to me in connection to my Morningstar gear (MC6pro+ML10x).

Here´s my workflow: I connect the expresiion pedal (pic above) to an External Omniport on the MC and right away the editor on my PC switches to the dedicated page where I choose the CC# ( doesn´t matter if I chose #0 for Master vol or Gain Channel 2 on the EQ2). That works like it`s supposed to, I choose MIDI 18=unity gain as Max and 10 as min. I also tell MC to engage the pedal by a PRESS and the dedicated CC#.
I also opened the Neuro Hub and tell the EQ2 that it´s controlled by an exterrnal MIDI Hub and what it shall be controlled (Gain Channel 2)… but anyway it´s confusing.

Hey guys,
I could get my hands on a (used) SA Double expression pedal.
At least it works with the dedicated SA Controlinput.
Now I dig my way through the programming on the MC6pro+ML10x