Source Audio C4 Possible Issue with MIDI Library

Yesterday was a taxing day for me. While programming my MC8 to work with the Source Audio C4, I ran into problems. Switching the device on works fine. Recalling presets works fine. I can even route the expression pedal to control parameters.
However, turning the device off while not in use was what’s giving me a hard time.

I picked the CC command from the Morningstar MIDI Library. When copy/pasted, it sends CC 102 with a value of 64.
Consulting the Manual, this is correct - CC 102 values 0-64 should set it into bypass and values 65-127 should activate it.
This, however strikes me as odd. 0-64 are 65 values and 65-127 are 63 values.

It seems more likely that this is split 50/50 where the first 64 values toggle OFF and the last 64 values toggle ON and there is some human error in writing the manual - and this has been carried over into the Morningstar MIDI Library. Can anyone here confirm this?

Here’s the relevant bit from the C4 manual on this…

I’ve seen that bit, yes.
But I can confirm that on my C4, it is wrong.
CC 102 value 64 engages the device.

It should read ‘0-63 Bypass 64-127 - Engage’

When you select the Bypass function in the Morningstar MIDI Library, it will paste CC 102 with the value 64 into your preset and do the opposite of what you want.

Are Morningstar staff reading this board and can forward this issue to the right people?

He he. I’d posted that and then meant to follow up with checking it for myself, but didn’t!!

So for correcting the midi dictionary let’s tag @james and add a ‘bug’ tag to this thread….

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Oh. Can’t add a tag. But I’m sure James will see this at some point!

James, there’s a correction needed for entry for Source Audio C4 and corresponding entry in Editor MIDI dictionary.

‘Engage Device’ CC Value needs to change to 127.
‘Bypass Device’ CC Value needs to change to 0.

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Thanks, I have fixed it in openMIDI - but will take a couple of days before we’ll push the changes to the editor.

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Nice! Glad to be of service.