Some questions about MC6


I’m looking for a midi processor to control my Octatrack. My initial use-case is that I’d like to send it a sequence of midi notes/ccs from a single button press in order to control the looping function. Such as :

Can it do this?

Also I gather some functionality of the Octarack may require SYSEX, NRPN and SSP. Does the MC6 support all of this? I understand SSP was not supported but may have been added to the MC8 - was it added to the MC6 too?

Can it also control another midi input device with buttons? eg for a given midi input, output a sequence of commands?

It seems like there are a number of products that do this, including Bome Box and Blokas Midihub. Having the foot-switches built in is a bonus as it reduces the number of boxes but I’m not sure if the MC6 is as feature rich as the other competitors

Is there a comparison that shows the differences between these products for such a task.

Many thanks,

Although my mc6 is my first midi controller, as far as i can tell Morningstar controllers are the most flexible and programmable controllers out there.

  1. It definitely supports SYSEX, they’ve recently increased the max length, and the editor helps you generate the messages. I’m not familiar with NRPN and SSP though so can’t comment, sorry!

  2. If the other device has midi input/output ports then you should be to connect them and they should be able to control each other. Note though that if you are controlling the mc6 from another device, the mc6 commands needed are fixed so you would need that device to be programmeable.

And you can trigger a sequence of commands in mc6 with either a press of a switch or a trigger from another device.

Here’s a comparison table I used about a year ago, but I’m not sure when it was written or how much it’ll help you with your decision: MIDI Foot Controller Comparison Guide -

Hope that helps although you have probably made your decision already :laughing: )