Some new features in the next minor update v3.9.7

Squeezing in some new features in the next minor update v3.9.7. Will put up a beta firmware first with the staging editor.

Trigger Messages

We will be adding a new message type called Trigger Messages. This will allow you to select specific messages in a different preset to engage (or trigger).

Unlike the Engage Preset message type, the actions of the selected messages do not matter (so it does not matter whether the triggered message is programmed with a No Action). The selected message(s) toggle pos settings or the selected preset toggle state does not matter as well. Whether the selected messages will engage just depends on the Preset/Message that is engaging these messages.

Use cases

  1. Need more than 16 messages? Utilise the empty message in your other presets easily.
  2. If you have 5 presets trigger the same message, updating that “triggered” message essentially updates all your 5 presets.

I’m sure you will have more use cases for this.

Currently, this only works for Presets in the current bank but we can explore adding a “Bank” option in the future.

MIDI MMC messages

As discussed on this thread: MIDI Real Time Start vs MMC Start - #12 by james

New On Enter Bank events

  • On Enter Page 1
  • On Enter Page 2

As the name suggests, the bank preset messages will only trigger if the bank AND page you jump to matches.


Hi @james when implementing the New On Enter Bank events can you consider the existing users of this feature please as this could be a potential to need reprogramming to ‘match’ the page jump to the bank. I currently use the page jump for a song mode and then use unique On Enter events to trigger for each bank.

Pre-population of fields might resolve this?

There are no new fields for this - just new options for bank events. Your existing on enter events will still work when you enter a bank regardless of the page

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That’s good to know, thanks @james

I can’t wait for the wee Msg1 won’t uncheck bug with Trigger Message to be fixed…. This function solves some logic issues I’ve been having. Excellent!!

Thanks - just updated the editors and firmware

…and Trigger Message fixed. This is such a great new feature… rather than work out a load of complex logic I can just dump a load of ‘No Action’ Messages into a preset and then trigger them from other presets as I need them.

Have a virtual beer / drink / beverage of choice / cake (delete as applicable) on me, @james!