[Solved] Walrus Audio D1 - PCM's but no CC?

Just got a Mako Series D1 from Walrus and loving it. Made sure the midi channel was setup and everything’s a green light except sending CC messages for some strange reason.

  • PCM messages work
  • MIDI clock messages work
  • Tried a different MIDI cable
  • Double-checked the pedal has enough power
  • CC messages work for other devices downstream
  • Tried different firmware (currently on 3.6.3)
  • Tried resetting my MC8/working off a blank controller (restored after test failed)
  • Double-checked MIDI channel and CC message/values from both the controller dictionary and the print manual from Walrus

Stumped! I found someone with the same problem on an RJM music forum for their PBC device (waiting to be accepted to reply).

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I am the last to know.

The CC’s they printed and we previously had in our library were incorrect (Bypass is 29, not 11)

Both the MS library and their online manual have correct CC listings now.