[SOLVED] Unable To Setup Expression Pedal (Lehle) on MC6 PRO

I’m trying to setup my Lehle Dual Expression on MC6 PRO

I choose omniport 4, connected with trs cable and configured the omniport 4 to expression on the editor settings.

When I moved the pedal it shows the percentage on the screen however the editor does not seem to recognize it and therefore I am unable to program it.

When I move the pedal it does not show anything like the Morningstar YT video at all (see attached pic)

. Any thoughts? Thank you!

If you want to load the expression preset settings when you move the expression pedal, you’ll need to enable a setting in the editor. It is under the Editor Settings tab.

If not, if your expression pedal is connect to Omniport 4, you’ll just need to select Expression Preset 4 from the side navigation bar and edit that preset.

Thank you James!

Actually, I enabled that option on the editor settings but nothing showed up.

But I’ll try the second option you recommended. To be honest, because there are many presets available now (yay) I failed to notice the Expr X at the button. But I see it now. Thank you again!

Thank you for your help, @james

I was able to setup successfully my expression pedal. As you said, the EXP # option was at the bottom but I was not able to see it before because there are a TON of preset available now (which is great) so the only way to watch the EXP option is by scrolling all the way down or having a huge screen lol

All working good NOW

It took me way too long to find the expression settings on the bottom of the page settings!

Is it possible to configure the expression to do unique CC commands and values for each different preset in a Bank?

For example, I use A-R basically as stomp boxes for modulation and delay effects. If I want my expression to omniport 4 to control phaser rate on A, tremolo speed on B, chorus rate on C, etc etc, how would I go about doing that?


Set up your Expression presets as you want them for all of the CC and MIDI channels you need.

Take a screenshot of them!

Then add a ‘Select Expression Message’ to each preset (which uses the same action and position as your “turn things on” message), and tick the expression presets that you want to engage. Refer to your screenshot.

Pro tip: “last engaged expression preset” will persist when you change bank, even if the new bank uses different expression presets. Recommend adding a ‘Select Exp Message’ to the Bank as an ‘On exit’ message… and set ALL expression presets unticked.